Little Known Things About "Toy Story" Trilogy

Sunday, Aug 15, 2021, 12:00 pm
By:Tony Williams


This may sound strange, but Toy Story 2 was the first time that Tom Hanks had ever appeared in a sequel. He had managed to avoid it up to this point, but admitted that there was no way he was going to miss out on doing this one.

Sequel-Little Known Things About "Toy Story" Trilogy

2.We almost lost it

Toy Story 3 could have been a strange movie because while it was being made both Disney and Pixar almost split. It would have resulted in the rights for the name and the characters being spread around and Disney would have made a movie without the help of Pixar and their expertise.

We almost lost it-Little Known Things About "Toy Story" Trilogy


At first, Woody and Buzz were not going to be the main characters of the story. Instead, it was going to all be about a tin toy called Tinny that had got lost as this was the story of a short movie that they had made several years earlier.

Tinny-Little Known Things About "Toy Story" Trilogy


4.Busy people

It takes a long time to make a movie like this even with a team of animators and computers. The most productive week they ever had led to them making 3.5 minutes of the movie.

Busy people-Little Known Things About "Toy Story" Trilogy


In the scene in Sid's bedroom where you see it as a torture chamber his toolbox has the Binford logo on it. That is important as it is the name of the company that appeared in Home Improvement, which of course starred Tim Allen.

Binford-Little Known Things About "Toy Story" Trilogy


If you are eagle eyed, then you will notice that Sid does make a special guest appearance in Toy Story 3. In this movie he is a garbage man and it is just a little nod back to the original movie that most people then end up missing.

Sid-Little Known Things About "Toy Story" Trilogy

7.Toy Story

The original Toy Story movie was the first time that a computer had been used to create the entire movie from start to finish. Everything else before it had used either hand drawn animation or a mixture of both.

Toy Story-Little Known Things About "Toy Story" Trilogy

8.The animation team

For Toy Story 3, the animation team decided to go and shave their heads together. Was it a show of solidarity or did they just want to save themselves from having to go to get their hair cut while they worked on it?

The animation team-Little Known Things About "Toy Story" Trilogy

9.The aliens

If you look closely at the outfit that is worn by the aliens, then the logo that you see if actually a pepperoni and mushroom pizza. That probably just tells you a lot about what the animators liked to eat.

The aliens-Little Known Things About "Toy Story" Trilogy

10.Toy Story 2

When it comes to reviews that have been left on Rotten Tomatoes, Toy Story 2 actually has the most reviews out of any other movie that has ever been made. People just seem to love to comment on the movie and say what they think about it.

Toy Story 2-Little Known Things About "Toy Story" Trilogy

11.License plates

If you pay attention to the license plates that appear on the car that belongs to Andy's mother, then you will see that one says A111 and the other A113. These numbers relate to rooms that were used during the animation process.

License plates-Little Known Things About "Toy Story" Trilogy

12.Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 has actually grossed over $1 billion at the box office and that means that it is currently the fifth most successful movie of all time. It was also the first one of the three to be nominated for best picture at the Oscars.

Toy Story 3-Little Known Things About "Toy Story" Trilogy


The reason why the lead boy is called Andy is to pay homage to somebody called Andries Van Dam. He was the guy that taught most of the animators how to do their job, so they felt it would be a nice way to thank him for all of that education.

Andy-Little Known Things About "Toy Story" Trilogy

14.It was almost never made

The creators showed a basic idea to producers back in 1993 and they absolutely hated it. They closed down the production and they had to go back and change so much of the movie, including how Woody acted, before they could then start work again.

It was almost never made-Little Known Things About "Toy Story" Trilogy

15.The books

If you pause and look at the books that are on the shelf in Andy's room, then you will see that the titles are the same as several short movies that have also been made by Pixar. The author's are also names of actual staff members as well.

The books-Little Known Things About "Toy Story" Trilogy


If you look closely at all three movies you will see that the number 95 has a tendency to keep popping up in various places. The reason for this is that it links back to 1995, which was of course the year that the first Toy Story was released.

95-Little Known Things About "Toy Story" Trilogy

17.GI Joe

Pixar were actually banned from using anything connected to GI Joe due to the fact that their idea was to have him blown up. The manufacturers were not keen on that idea and that is why you then have toy soldiers playing the role instead.

GI Joe-Little Known Things About "Toy Story" Trilogy

18.Lunar Larry

This was intended to be the original name for Buzz Lightyear, but he just does not sound that impressive does he? It just sounds so lame whereas Buzz is undoubtedly cool and it is easy to see how people loved him.

Lunar Larry-Little Known Things About "Toy Story" Trilogy

19.You Are A Toy

Can you ever imagine these movies being called anything other than Toy Story? Probably not, but it was originally intended to call it "You are a toy" until they realized that it was a bit stupid and changed it to something that was more memorable.

You Are A Toy-Little Known Things About "Toy Story" Trilogy

20.Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal was then offered the role of being the voice for Buzz, but he turned it down. He now openly admits that it was the biggest mistake of his acting career and he has regretted it ever since.

Billy Crystal-Little Known Things About "Toy Story" Trilogy

21.Jim Carrey

Pixar did originally think about Jim Carrey to be the voice of Buzz Lightyear, but there was a problem. The movie had been given such a low budget and it cost that much money to make it that they quite simply could not afford his fee.

Jim Carrey-Little Known Things About "Toy Story" Trilogy

22.Sid's carpet

Ok so you need to be a serious movie geek to know this, but the design of the carpet here is identical to the carpet that appears in a part of The Shining. It does kind of go well with the character.

Sid's carpet-Little Known Things About "Toy Story" Trilogy


You may have noticed that Barbie only appears in the second movie and that is because they refused to license her being used for the first one. They believed that the entire thing would flop, but then when it was a huge success they had to admit they were wrong.

Barbie-Little Known Things About "Toy Story" Trilogy

24.Pizza planet delivery truck

The Pizza Planet delivery truck that appears in the Incredibles also appears in every single one of the Toy Story movies. Next time you watch them see if you can spot it and give yourself a pat on the back.

Pizza planet delivery truck-Little Known Things About "Toy Story" Trilogy



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