Worst Nightmares For Trypophobics(Fear Of Holes)

Sunday, Aug 15, 2021, 9:42 pm
By:Tony Williams

If you are an average guy like me, then I should warn you before you start going through this list, especially if you have a fear of small holes or a bunch of holes. Trypophobia is a very common phobia of holes. Do you think you can make it through these 14 pictures without flipping out? Then proceed to read further...
1.Bloomed Lotus Pods

Blooming lotus are quite beautiful. They make for great pictures and paintings. People who have a fear of holes, or a clusters of holes, will never get a chance to enjoy the natural beauty of this flower, because of their fear. Trypoph0bia causes an involuntary reaction that can illicit fear throughout the body.

Bloomed Lotus Pods-Worst Nightmares For Trypophobics(Fear Of Holes)

2.Child's Skull Before Milk Teeth Fall Out

This photo of a child's skull is fascinating. The child only has its milk teeth, and you can see their adult teeth under the bone waiting, till they are at least six years old, to emerge. The tooth that is high up under the cheek bone is the eye tooth. Makes sense now, huh? Well, while we cannot stop looking at this picture, someone with trypoph0bia might find this skull to be the most scary skull they ever saw.

Child's Skull Before Milk Teeth Fall Out-Worst Nightmares For Trypophobics(Fear Of Holes)


This is an up close picture of a normal eyeball. Yep, that's what our retina's look like when the eyedoctor looks through his device. It's a good thing he, or she, doesn't have trypoph0bia, or they would run from the exam room at the sight of the eye. All those tiny holes would cause a reaction in them that they couldn't control.

Eyeball-Worst Nightmares For Trypophobics(Fear Of Holes)

4.Chicken Skin

This is gross no matter who you are, but many people it's revolting because it's the skin of a chicken. For others, who suffer from fear of clusters of holes, or trypoph0bia, they are grossed out for another reason. The very sight of the holes illicits fear in them like as if there was a real threat of harm coming their way.

Chicken Skin-Worst Nightmares For Trypophobics(Fear Of Holes)

5.Acorn Holes In Tree

This is a pretty picture of a bird trying to retrieve an acorn from the many holes in this tree. To most people this is a beautiful photo of nature at its best. Not to someone with trypoph0bia. Seeing all those holes might fill them with such anxiety they would have to leave.

Acorn Holes In Tree-Worst Nightmares For Trypophobics(Fear Of Holes)


Yum, a refreshing pickle. I bet your mouth is watering by just looking at this picture. The seeds have left tiny little holes in, what was once, a cucumber. If you were eating next to someone with trypoph0bie, don't be surprised is they turn as green as this pickle and rush to the restroom.

Pickle-Worst Nightmares For Trypophobics(Fear Of Holes)


Someone boiled a pot of pasta and left it out too long. The little "O's" are stuck to the sides and bottom of the pan. It's nothing a little soaking in some warm sudsy water won't fix. However, some one with trypoph0bia would rather throw the pan away than have it in their house a second longer than necessary.

Pasta-Worst Nightmares For Trypophobics(Fear Of Holes)

8.Bike Helmet

A bike helmet is a great thing. It protects you from breaking your skull if you fall of a bike. A person with trypoph0bia would rather split open their head than wear this, though. The holes cause more fear in them than something that is more plausible, such as falling.

Bike Helmet-Worst Nightmares For Trypophobics(Fear Of Holes)

9.cr0tchet Scarf

This pretty and delicate scarf looks innocent enough. It could even be used to swaddle a baby, with the soft colors. It's doesn't look menacing or scary at all. That's because you do not have trypoph0bia. If you did, this would give you the creeps, causing the hair on your arms to stand on end.

cr0tchet Scarf-Worst Nightmares For Trypophobics(Fear Of Holes)


If you're like the majority of people, you fear a honeycomb for one reason: BEES are nearby. Those with trypoph0bia fear it for one more reason. They are terrified of small holes clustered together. It elicits a visceral reaction causing their hearts to race. They may sweat and feel dizzy.

Honeycomb-Worst Nightmares For Trypophobics(Fear Of Holes)


To most people this is just a bunch of barnacles, probably on the bottom of a boat. They can't hurt us, in fact, they don't even more. However someone with a fear of hole clusters may run screaming from the scene. All ph0bias are an irrational fear, but very real to the sufferer of the ph0bia.

Barnacles-Worst Nightmares For Trypophobics(Fear Of Holes)

12.Sandstone Wall

If you have trypoph0bia then this picture is scarier than a severed head. People with this ph0bia are terrified when they see little holes like this. Most people with this ph0bia are afraid of clusters of holes, not just one big hole. As with all ph0bias, it can arise from a traumatic event in the past.

Sandstone Wall-Worst Nightmares For Trypophobics(Fear Of Holes)

13.googly eyes

This one is really creepy to look. The more I stare, the more it creeps me out, Even though those are just many googly eyes on a girl's face.

googly eyes-Worst Nightmares For Trypophobics(Fear Of Holes)

14.What are those!!

Those are just marks caused by wearing the sandals for a long period of time but for a Trypophobic like me they are pretty scary.

What are those!!-Worst Nightmares For Trypophobics(Fear Of Holes)



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