Weird Credit Cards

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022, 7:08 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Optical illusion

This card does indeed hurt your eyes as it has one of those optical illusions on it that you need to stare at in order to get them to work. The result is something that not only gives you money, but also plays with your brain just like the credit card statement does when it comes through the door.

Optical illusion-Weird Credit Cards


Yes this card is actually made from titanium, so it is certainly capable of withstanding a lot of punishment without it being damaged in any way, shape, or form. This card is, therefore, weird only because of the material it uses because the rest of it does look pretty cool.

Titanium-Weird Credit Cards


Yes this credit card does indeed have its very own flash drive included in it and you have to admit that this is a pretty cool idea. At least by using this you will always be able to save that all important data, as long as you have your card, so this card has more than one use.

Flashy-Weird Credit Cards

4.Multi Purpose

Well this card certainly has a few surprises up its sleeve as you can see here. Ok so you ignore the fact that it is for James Bond, and this time focus on that little tool that is coming out, but thankfully this is not a credit card that you can really get.

Multi Purpose-Weird Credit Cards


You have to say that from a design perspective this card is an absolute disaster. There are just far too many numbers being used here and the result is that you can hardly see the all important details on it and you wonder as to how this card was even passed in the first place.

Numbers?-Weird Credit Cards


Imagine having this credit card and you are on a diet. Would that not seriously drive you insane and force you into grabbing some kind of chocolate and eating it in a darkened corner so that nobody could see? At what point do you think that having a credit card resembling chocolate is a good idea?

Chocolate-Weird Credit Cards


You have to admit that if you are a fan of the show Futurama, then this is probably the best card that you can possibly have. However, if you hate this show, then clearly it is going to be one of the strangest cards you could ever come across and it would just be a real source of annoyance.

Futurama-Weird Credit Cards

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8.Scary eyes

Those eyes are a bit freaky for a credit card, but there are worse out there that are currently being used by various people. This is the beauty of you being able to choose a design, but surely there comes a point where the card companies think it works against their best interests?

Scary eyes-Weird Credit Cards

9.Too cozy

Sometimes getting a personalized card can be a good idea, but in some cases it is actually a very bad one and this card does indeed fall into the latter category. Why would you choose this particular photograph to be used? Is that the only one you have?

Too cozy-Weird Credit Cards


The funny part about this credit card is that the image on it is not even the image of the person who has had it designed. The guy on the card is of course Nick Nolte, so why would you then go and have it put on your personalized card? Perhaps it is the person that is weird in this instance.

Personalized-Weird Credit Cards

11.World of Warcraft

Ok so you need to really be into this game to even consider getting this credit card, but at the same time it is also quite well done. Sure you may feel embarrassed at different times pulling this card out, but at least people know what your hobby is going to be, although is that a good thing?

World of Warcraft-Weird Credit Cards


This is taking fan worship to a new level by getting Usher on a credit card. Does he need one himself? Probably not, but you have to admit that this is quite a cool card even if it is also a bit on the weird side and will result in you getting some strange looks when you hand it over.

Usher-Weird Credit Cards



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