Various Ways To Cook Eggs

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 9:52 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Over hard

Over hard is just basically the way of saying that you like to be able to bounce a hammer off the egg due to just how well done it is. Obviously this is not going to be something that everybody likes, but if you love tough food then this could be perfect.

Over hard-Various Ways To Cook Eggs


A souffle is one of those things you have heard about and tasted, but then when it comes to making it yourself it all goes pear shaped and is a complete flop. However, egg is a major ingredient in it, so at least it is a different way to have them.

Souffle-Various Ways To Cook Eggs

3.Soft boiled

Obviously the difference between soft boiled and hard boiled is that you take it out a bit earlier and of course the inside is not going to be as solid. This is when you will really cut off the top and stick bread in to suck up the yoke and how popular a dish is that?

Soft boiled-Various Ways To Cook Eggs


A quiche is something that can come with a whole host of different flavors and it just depends on the other ingredients as to how it turns out. You might want to go for bacon or chicken or alternatively just stick to vegetables, but none of this is possible without eggs.

Quiche-Various Ways To Cook Eggs

5.Eggs Benedict

With eggs benedict you are going to get muffins, ham, egg, and a Hollandaise sauce and if you are looking for a breakfast that can fill you, then this could be right up your street. Yes the sauce may be a bit much for some people, but try to look past it to give it a go.

Eggs Benedict-Various Ways To Cook Eggs


Poached egg makes it easier to cut the egg up into slices and it is perfect for putting on a salad. It really is as simple as it sounds, so as long as you know how to poach anything you should have no problems here at all.

Poached-Various Ways To Cook Eggs

7.Egg salad

OK so this can be a bit messy, but hey if it tastes good do you really mind that part? It does at least just add a bit of extra flavor to a whole host of dishes, but just make sure that you know how to make it right.

Egg salad-Various Ways To Cook Eggs

8.Over easy

With this you basically throw the egg into a frying pan for next to no time in order to make sure that as soon as you burst that yoke it starts running everywhere. This is going to be a bit of an acquired taste as the runniness is often something that puts people off.

Over easy-Various Ways To Cook Eggs

9.Hard boiled

Basically with this you are going to boil it that much that everything inside is nice and hard with no runny yoke to be seen anywhere. This is certainly not something that everybody loves, but if the thought of that yoke puts you off this could be your best option.

Hard boiled-Various Ways To Cook Eggs


Throw it in a frying pan and see what happens. That is basically all you have to do with a fried egg. It really does not require any special cooking skills, but at least you can be eating something in just a matter of minutes.

Fried-Various Ways To Cook Eggs


Come on who does not love scrambled egg? Have a bit of toast with it and you have what has to be the perfect breakfast and with it being so easy to cook there is no reason why you cannot go and have a shot at it yourself.

Scrambled-Various Ways To Cook Eggs


An omelette has to be one of the most popular ways to cook egg as it is just so versatile with you being able to add all kinds of things in there. Yes you can have it plain, but you can also add in various vegetables resulting in a rather tasty meal.

Omelette-Various Ways To Cook Eggs



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