Tips To Avoid Traffic Ticket

Monday, Jan 25, 2021, 9:29 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Do not hold them back

Make sure that you have your documents to hand and you answer promptly because if you start to get them frustrated and leave them hanging around, then you are going to get a ticket. Instead, if you come across as being quite helpful, then they are going to like you and may very well let you go.

Do not hold them back-Tips To Avoid Traffic Ticket

2.Do not show frustrations

If you are frustrated and have a short fuse, then you are only going to annoy the cop and they will end it all by simply giving you a ticket. Instead, keep it all inside and answer their questions because if you give them any cause to dish it out, then they will do so.

Do not show frustrations-Tips To Avoid Traffic Ticket

3.Show there is no danger

The problem that police have when they go up to a car is never knowing what they are going to encounter. If it is getting dark do your bit and put on your interior light to allow them to see everything because if they see you are being a bit considerate, then you may very well be let off.

Show there is no danger-Tips To Avoid Traffic Ticket


4.Hope that you are attractive

This is actually quite sexist, but it is well known that attractive women are far more likely to be let off with a ticket than an ugly man. What this means is that it could very well be in your interests to flirt a little bit because it really could make a difference.

Hope that you are attractive-Tips To Avoid Traffic Ticket

5.Never admit you were speeding

One of the worst things that you can do is admit that you were indeed speeding. Instead, you are better off just saying you were not aware of your speed and do not be confrontational about it because this could serve you better if you contest the ticket.

Never admit you were speeding-Tips To Avoid Traffic Ticket


If you are pulled over for something, then do make sure that you are sincere in your apology. Avoid coming up with some strange reason as to why you were speeding or driving erratically because they will not believe you and give you that ticket.

Apologize-Tips To Avoid Traffic Ticket

7.Do not stand out from the crowd

It is a well known fact that if you have a vehicle that stands out from the crowd, then you are more likely to be pulled over in order to be checked out. That does not mean you cannot have the likes of a Ferrari, but if your car looks a mess, or is covered in stickers, then you can indeed become a target.

Do not stand out from the crowd-Tips To Avoid Traffic Ticket

8.You are not being discriminated against

Even if you fully believe that you have been pulled over due to how old you are, the car you are driving, or anything else that is not related to the speed you were going at, then do not mention it. Cops hate nothing more than to have somebody trying to play the discrimination card and you are then more likely to get that ticket.

You are not being discriminated against-Tips To Avoid Traffic Ticket

9.Don't change lanes too often

If the cops are sitting at the side of the road they are going to notice you more if you seem to be changing lanes more than you should do because this will make them initially think that you may be drunk. Drive responsibly and you are going to avoid getting that ticket.

Don't change lanes too often-Tips To Avoid Traffic Ticket

10.Avoid the tears

You need to remember that the cops have heard every single excuse under the sun and putting on the tears will not do anything for you. Instead, don't cry and just be honest with things as that can go a long way.

Avoid the tears-Tips To Avoid Traffic Ticket

11.Don't chat from the start

When you are pulled over the best thing you can do is to just hand over your documents and allow them to go and check you out. There is a tendency to do a lot of talking at this point, but instead let them get started rather than hitting them with a lot of verbal.

Don't chat from the start-Tips To Avoid Traffic Ticket

12.Don't speed

This may seem pretty obvious, but the first way to avoid getting a traffic ticket is not to do anything that could lead to you getting one in the first place. If you stick to the speed limit and do not do anything crazy, then what do you have to worry about?

Don't speed-Tips To Avoid Traffic Ticket



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