Things We Can Learn From Nature

Friday, Aug 13, 2021, 7:42 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.At times just stop trying

Nature seems to know when it is pointless trying to continue and that is one lesson that we really do need to learn. Why struggle on regardless when we have no chance of getting anywhere? Perhaps nature is more intelligent than us?

At times just stop trying-Things We Can Learn From Nature

2.Flexibility is important

If we are too rigid in what we do or think, then how can we ever hope to actually grow as people? Nature has had to learn how to be flexible in order to survive, so why do we feel as if we are above everything else?

Flexibility is important-Things We Can Learn From Nature

3.The small details play a part

Even the smallest plants or insects in nature all play a part in how the world works, and we are often guilty of overlooking the smaller details in order to then focus on the bigger picture. This is clearly wrong because instead we need to learn that it is often the fine print of life that really does hold the key.

The small details play a part-Things We Can Learn From Nature


4.Be less inhibited

Nature just does not care what others think. It will grow where it wants and produce the mixture of colors it wants without worrying if they clash or just look out of place. Perhaps we should be looking at being less inhibited, in a controlled way of course, and actually enjoying life a bit more.

Be less inhibited-Things We Can Learn From Nature

5.Be kinder to others

Some people view plants and trees that provide us with food as being generous and volunteering it in order to help us out. You can then take that concept one stage further and state that perhaps we should also be looking at being kinder to others and offer things without expecting anything in return just the knowledge that somebody is better off thanks to our kindness.

Be kinder to others-Things We Can Learn From Nature

6.Relationships with our environment

Nature seems to have this pretty good relationship with its environment and indeed it knows how to get the best out of its resources. However, us humans are pretty poor at that, so should we not try to learn how plants can survive in the harshest of conditions when we then struggle in the same way?

Relationships with our environment-Things We Can Learn From Nature

7.Don't be so restrictive

Nature works by allowing itself to grow in its own way no matter the apparent restrictions or the odds that are stacked against it. Nature is very versatile in what it does, so could it be a good idea for us to be less restrictive with our actions and kind of go with the flow a bit more?

Don't be so restrictive-Things We Can Learn From Nature

8.Stop rushing things

If required, nature will take its time to develop and it is never rushed. Have you noticed how it then always looks a lot better when we do indeed allow nature to take its course? Perhaps we should seriously consider stopping rushing things in order to eliminate so many mistakes.

Stop rushing things-Things We Can Learn From Nature

9.Nature never gives up

Have you noticed how even after a terrible disaster that nature just managed to keep on going? Sure it may take it some time to recover from a flood for example, but give it some time and you will then see those green shoots of recovery appearing, so perhaps we give up a bit too easily when the odds seem stacked against us?

Nature never gives up-Things We Can Learn From Nature

10.Nature is simple

Why do we want to make the world as complicated as possible? Nature seems to be happy as it is and things just seem to be far simpler as well. Why do we not strip things back to basics and get the foundations right in order to make the world a better place?

Nature is simple-Things We Can Learn From Nature

11.We can live in harmony

You see all of the different parts of nature living in harmony with one another, so why do we then struggle with that same concept? Things in nature are all battling for the same things, but they still get on, so what is the difference?

We can live in harmony-Things We Can Learn From Nature

12.Hope springs eternal

Just as we see parts of nature die, we also see parts resurface and new life is born yet again. From this, we can learn that even in bad times when all seems to be lost it just takes a change in circumstances for our life to improve.

Hope springs eternal-Things We Can Learn From Nature



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