Things Invented In Britain

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 9:50 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Pneumatic tire

If it was not for the pneumatic tire, then driving cars would be completely different. It was invented by John Boyd Dunlop, with that brand still available, and dates back to 1887.

Pneumatic tire-Things Invented In Britain


The television set has to be one of the best inventions ever and it was all due to a guy from the UK called John Logie Baird. It dates back to 1925, so it is pretty amazing as to how quickly the technology has developed since the early days.

Television-Things Invented In Britain


The telephone changed how we communicated around the world and it was all down to a guy called Alexander Graham Bell. The first example dated back to 1876 and there was no way that he could have envisaged smartphones and the way that we communicate now. Maybe he would have hated it?

Telephone-Things Invented In Britain


The lawnmower is an essential tool for any gardener and it was invented in 1827 by Edwin Beard Budding. They have certainly changed a bit since back then, but it was still a lot better than cutting the lawn with hand shears.

Lawnmower-Things Invented In Britain

5.Passenger railway

The passenger railway managed to completely change how we got around and it dates back to 1825 and was created by George Stephenson. Gone were the days of having to go by horse and carriage and in came the new way of traveling, which was by rail.

Passenger railway-Things Invented In Britain


The part that shocks people is that the glider was actually first invented back in 1804 and it was a British guy called George Cayley that created it. You can only imagine how unstable it must have been to get into this thing and would you have trusted it?

Glider-Things Invented In Britain


Cement was first invented in 1824 and it was all thanks to a guy called Joseph Aspdin. This changed how we built things overnight and how different would the world be if there was no cement in existence?

Cement-Things Invented In Britain

8.Sewage system

Can you imagine life without a proper sewage system? The system that we know, and love, was invented by Joseph Bazalgette and it dates back to 1865. This completely changed how we lived and it made a huge difference to cities making them far healthier than they were before.

Sewage system-Things Invented In Britain

9.Chocolate bar

How could we live without the chocolate bar? The cause of so many diets and pleasurable moments was invented in Britain by a guy called JS Fry. It was invented in 1847 and the Fry name is still going in the UK.

Chocolate bar-Things Invented In Britain

10.Modern fire extinguisher

We have George William Manby to thank for the modern day fire extinguisher and the first one actually dates back to 1818. Of course they have evolved a fair bit since then, but even the earliest ones made a real difference and saved lives.

Modern fire extinguisher-Things Invented In Britain

11.Tin can

The humble tin can is something that we could not live without not and it was invented in Britain in 1810. The man behind the invention was called Peter Durand and he revolutionized so many industries by coming up with something that we now see as being so simple.

Tin can-Things Invented In Britain


The toothbrush was indeed invented in Britain and it dates back to the 1770s. It was invented by a guy called William Addis and he had no idea that it would end up going all over the world. We have that one guy to thank for our dental hygiene.

Toothbrush-Things Invented In Britain



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