36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 8:10 am
By:Tony Williams

You already know how creative humans are! We are the problem solvers of the planet (we are the problem creators too). There is always something in the form of technology or gadget to solve many of our day-to-day problems. However, most of us don't know about them! Such highly creative devices are not sold in the local stores! Someone sitting in a distant foreign country comes up with a creative gadget idea, makes the gadget, and sells it on websites like Amazon and eBay. Such gadgets are extremely useful. Some of them are pointless and plain stupid too! Here are 36 such strangest, coolest and weirdest gadgets we think you haven't seen before! 

Abs is something most men desire to have, but some aren't willing to work for. A six-pack can take months, or even years to get. The AB-Hancer cuts down on the amount of time you spend at the gym and gives you a faux six-pack. The gadget creates the illusion of six-pack and all you have to do is put it on and then relax on your couch.
If you hate working out or going to gym, it's okay! With this Ab-Hancer, you can get six-pack abs in minutes! Just put it minutes before your girlfriend reaches your home and surprise her with your new six-pack body! 
By the way, don't forget that this Ab-Hancer will only give you fake abs, and the marks will go away in few minutes. Since men too started posting loads of pictures of their bodies on their social media profile pages, we guess this cool tool comes in very handy for them!

AB-Hancer-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

2.Reef Sandals

Some people refuse to walk around with cash in their purse or pocket out of fear of losing it or being robbed. The Reef Sandals will alleviate that anxiety. The sandals have a special compartment in the back that can hold your keys, cash and debit card. The compartment goes undetected, as it looks like it's just a regular part of the sandals.

Reef Sandals-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

3.Solar-Powered Camping Tent

Camping takes you out of your element and strips you from all of your electrical devices, but not if you have the Eddie Bauer Katatatic tent. The tent is powerful enough to power small appliances, so you'll never have to worry about not being able to shave when out camping. The tent uses a Goal Zero's Sherpa battery pack and a Yeti Solar Generator.

Solar-Powered Camping Tent-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

4.Neo-Cover: A Magnetic Light Switch Cover

The Magnetic Single Toggle Light Switch Plate Cover by NEOCOVER can do more than just look pretty. Not only does it make your light switch look presentable, but you can also use it to keep track of your house keys. It is also strong enough to hold a full-sized hammer.

Neo-Cover: A Magnetic Light Switch Cover-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

5.Home Lift System

The Home Lift System by Stiltz is like an elevator for your home. It can fit just about anywhere in your home, and you don't have to worry about any major building work. This gadget is perfect for people who have trouble going up and down stairs. If you've always wanted to zip up and down your home like they did on 'The Jetsons', then the Home Lift System can make that dream a reality.

Home Lift System-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

6.Guitar Toilet Seat

This 'Electric' Guitar Toilet seat looks just like the real thing. The toilet seat has all of the components of a real electric guitar, just without the electricity. The seat adds some color to any white-colored bathroom. You can't strum this electric guitar, but it is nice to look at.

Guitar Toilet Seat-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

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7.Heart Egg Molder

This egg molder gives you the chance to put a little heart in your cooking. The heart-shaped molder fits nicely into any pan. With it, cooks will get a perfectly shaped heart every time they cook. Though it's supposed to be for eggs, it can also be used to make pancakes.

Heart Egg Molder-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy


8.LED Color Changing Shower Head

Make showering fun with the LED Color Changing Showerhead. Taking a shower isn't supposed to be a fun time, but it never hurts to add a little color to your 'bath time.' The showerhead can turn your water red, orange, blue or green. This creative shower add-on retails for $39.99 USD at Amazon.com.

LED Color Changing Shower Head-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

9.FitFlop Shoe

The weather can change from cold to hot in a matter of minutes. To be prepared for when things like that happen, it would be best to invest in a FitFlop. This amazing shoe changes from a sneaker to a flip-flop (and then back again) with just one pull of a zipper.

FitFlop Shoe-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy


10.Fun Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

This Fun Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser is the perfect gadget for someone with a sense of humor. Not everyone wants to use a gadget that looks a huge nose with allergies, but if you do then this will mesh perfectly with your other bathroom items. This fun gadget retails for just $8.99.

Fun Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

11.Hanging Silverware

Everyone has had their fork slip off their plate at least once. These unique silverware pieces were designed by Kathryn Hinton. Basic silverware pieces tend to slip and slide if you place them on the edge of your plate. These bent silverware pieces fit perfectly at the edge of any ceramic plate.

Hanging Silverware-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

12.Coffee Chair

Whenever a woman enters a room, she always looks for a place to put her purse. Putting your bag on the floor is said to be bad luck, so this Coffee Chair is just what every woman needs in her life. This invention allows women to hang their purse across or down the chair.

Coffee Chair-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

13.BrightFeet Lighted Slippers

The BrightFeet Lighted Slippers makes walking around in the dark a simple task. Getting up in the middle of the night can be a mission if you can't get to a light switch. These illuminated slippers can project light to about 25 inches. The lights are on the front of the slippers and aren't bright enough to blind you in the dark.

BrightFeet Lighted Slippers-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

14.Eva Solo Smiley Bowl

Cracking the shells of nuts can be irritating if you don't have a garbage can nearby. The Eva Solo Smiley is a handy gadget for nut lovers. The bowl has a compartment for both the nuts and shells. Instead of sitting there and mixing the nuts with the shells, this bowl separates them for you.

Eva Solo Smiley Bowl-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

15.High Tide Heels

It doesn't matter where some women are, some of them always have to wear heels. High Tide Heels allows women to wear flippers and still the heel height they desire. The front is designed just like a regular flipper, while the back portion is shaped just like a regular high-heeled shoe.

High Tide Heels-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

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16.Wine Necklace

Wine connoisseurs across the board will love this gadget. This item is for someone who just always has to have a drink. It's a Wine Necklace that gives your hand a break from holding your glass. The necklace will keep your glass at an upright position at all times. This probably isn't the best gadget to walk around the office with.

Wine Necklace-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

17.Cup with Tea Bag Holder

When you're on-the-go, a cup of tea is a quick fix. Unfortunately, you probably don't have the time to let it brew before you have to leave. The Cup with Teabag Holder is a gadget that allows you to 'dispose' of your teabag when you've finished letting it seep in your tea.

Cup with Tea Bag Holder-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

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18.Scrubba - Pocket Size Washing Machine

Getting your clothes stained or dirty can happen just about anywhere. The downside is that you aren't able to wash them when this happens. That is, if you don't have a Scrubba. This pocket size washing machine holds 60z of water and washes clothes in a matter of minutes. This item is perfect for someone who travels a lot. It costs $64.95 USD.

Scrubba - Pocket Size Washing Machine-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy


Designated doors aren't just for dogs and cars anymore. The Slamdoor gives parents the opportunity to see their kids' height progression in a new way. The Slamdooris a set of nesting doors that adjusts to the heights of growing children. This door retails for over $3000 USD and can be purchased in the UK.

Slamdoor-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

20.Steel Nesting and Knife Block Set

If you love to cook, and you know what it's like to misplace your knife while doing so, then the Deglon Stainless Steel Nesting Knives with Knife Block is an item you should invest in. Cooks will have a designated (and clean) area to place their knives while prepping their meals. This convenient gadget is a whopping $892.

Steel Nesting and Knife Block Set-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

21.Hidden Table and Chairs

A dining room set can take up a lot of space in any apartment or house. Though a standard dining room set is nice to look at, they aren't as eye-catching at the Hidden Table and Chair set. This innovative concept comes with four comfortable chairs and a small table.

Hidden Table and Chairs-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

22.The Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen

No matter how much technology continues to advance, some people will always prefer writing instead of typing. The Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen combines both of those techniques in one. It retails for $249 and will store everything you draw or write with it electronically. The notes you write can transmitted to an electronic device for later reading and referencing.

The Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

23.No Blind Spot Mirrors

The No-Blind Spot Mirrors invention should be a standard component of every vehicle around the world. Some people never get the hang of checking their blind spot while driving. This invention makes it easy for both new and old drivers to keep track of what's going on around them at all times.

No Blind Spot Mirrors-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

24.Hook-On Balcony Planters

Plants are a nice addition to any balcony ledge. The only problem with them is that you can easily knock them over if you aren't paying attention. These Hook-On Balcony Planters are perfect for the clumsy people of the world. Instead of resting on the balcony, these planters hook onto them. By hooking them onto the balcony, it is impossible to knock them over.

Hook-On Balcony Planters-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

25.Finger Knife Guard

Even the most seasoned chef has been known to accidentally cut their finger while slicing and dicing in the kitchen. This gadget prevents you from those little mishaps. The guard is placed over your fingers, so when you chop onions, garlic or the like, you won't accidentally nip your finger in the process.

Finger Knife Guard-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

26.Tea X Two

This invention gives a new meaning to Tea for Two. This sectional Tea X Two mug allows you to place two identical (or different) beverages in each section. This is ideal for someone who likes to add a little more cream, or milk to their hot beverage as they drink it.

Tea X Two-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

27.Gangster CD Stereo Sneaker

If you don't look close enough, you'd think this was just a regular high-top sneaker. Truth is this is actually a uniquely designer stereo system. The system features several mini speakers and a drive to play your CDs. The laces are just for show and the system doesn't appear to have an attachment for an mp3 player.

Gangster CD Stereo Sneaker-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

28.Armadillo Bread Bin

This Armadillo Bread Bin will have your guests asking you, "Where did you get that?" The bin is made of steel and its outer shell resembles that of an armadillo. The bin can hold more than one complete loaf of bread. The bin can also be used to other types of food as well.

Armadillo Bread Bin-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

29.Phone Charger Holder

Phone cords are typically long and black, making it hard to see them. This phone charger holder is the perfect invention. People often place their phone on the floor when charging it in a nearby socket. The problem with this is that you can easily step on your phone if you aren't paying attention. This holder keeps the phone close to the socket, so you can grab it and go.

Phone Charger Holder-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

30.Heated Butter Knife

Melted butter on a piece of toast is a tasty and easy breakfast meal. Spreading butter can prove difficult if you take it straight out the fridge, but if you have a heated knife you won't have that problem. This butter knife heats (130 watts) and spreads butter on anything with ease.

Heated Butter Knife-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

31.Roaring Dino Sweatshirt

Your child will make a 'roar' at school with this sweatshirt. Boys love dinosaurs, and scaring people, so when you put the two together it's a match made in heaven. This sweatshirt looks like it has an ordinary T-rex on the front, but when a kid crosses their arms; the dinosaur appears to be roaring at you.

Roaring Dino Sweatshirt-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

32.Gothic Throne

Toilets have been referred to as thrones for hundreds of years and this invention helps make that nickname popular again. Game of Thrones fans will definitely appreciate a toilet seat cover like this. The regal-looking cover features a gothic design, which gives it a medieval look like in present-day castles.

Gothic Throne-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

33.Gun-Shaped Comb

Gripping a comb can prove difficult for some, but this little invention could prove problematic. This gun-shaped comb might make combing your hair easier due to the handle that has been added. However, if you are using it out in the open, someone might mistake it for an actual gun.

Gun-Shaped Comb-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

34.Fish-Shaped Bowl

Fish bowls, tanks and aquariums are supposed to make fish feel at home. This fish-shaped bowl takes that idea to a literal level. The bowl is indeed unique, but it looks more like a home decoration, as opposed to a home for a fish. This invention is even great for people who don't have a pet fish.

Fish-Shaped Bowl-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

35.Flatulence Filtering Underwear

Flatulence is something every person does. Even though it's a bodily function that we all do, it's not something you want to smell. This Flatulence Filtering underwear cuts down on that odor that sometimes comes along with passing gas. Once you put on a pair, even if your gas has an odor, no one around you will smell it.

Flatulence Filtering Underwear-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

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36.The Love Mattress

If your significant other loves to cuddle, then you know how annoying it can be trying to sleep with their arm underneath you. The Love Mattress by Mehdi Mojtabav can take that strain off of your arm at night. The mattress has slits in it so arms can sink into the mattress and not stab the other person in the back.

The Love Mattress-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy



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