Simple Home Remedies For Hair Fall

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 6:52 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Scalp Sprays

There are scalp sprays to disguise hair loss. These are useful for both men and women that are suffering with bald patches. The spray will hide the area and make the person feel a little more confident.

Scalp Sprays-Simple Home Remedies For Hair Fall

2.Head Massage

Hair massage is one of the best simulators for hair growth. This not only speeds up the growth of the hair follicle but also makes hair appear shinier. You can go to a professional head massage therapist or do it at home while you watch television for example. Any oil will do and take care to focus on the scalp and not overload the end of your hair.

Head Massage-Simple Home Remedies For Hair Fall

3.Arnica Oil

Simple arnica oil applied to the roots is said to stimulate growth of the hair follicle. So if you are suffering hair fall then try applying to the root area. As mentioned earlier there are a myriad of factors that contribute to hair loss the best thing is to find out what is causing it then treat it. Even over-use of certain medications can cause hair fall.

Arnica Oil-Simple Home Remedies For Hair Fall

4.Avoid Heat Styling

At times our hair becomes thinner, we see it in the bath plug in chunks. This is often attributed to hair fall, but in fact it could be hair breakage. Hair that snaps off near the root will give the hair a thinner appearance. Avoiding heat styling applications will prevent hair breakage. If you must style, then keep it to a minimum and make sure you protect your hair with heat styling products.

Avoid Heat Styling-Simple Home Remedies For Hair Fall

5.Washing Your Hair Correctly

Over washing your hair has long been thought a the cause of hair loss. In fact, it is more about the way you wash your hair and the products you use. Some shampoos contain beneficial composites that actually strengthen your hair and promote hair growth. Others, like sulfates can cause hair loss. When you wash your hair your focus should be on cleansing the scalp and not rubbing the ends. Rubbing the ends will cause breakage and hair fall. This applies to both men and women.

Washing Your Hair Correctly-Simple Home Remedies For Hair Fall

6.Avoid Over Processing

To avoid hair-fall you should avoid over treating your hair with chemical colors. If you are avoiding grey hair for example, only color at root level and avoid over chemically loading the ends of your hair. Coloring over time will weaken the hair shaft and it will break causing hair-loss.

Avoid Over Processing-Simple Home Remedies For Hair Fall

7.Saw Palmetto

This wonder herb works for both men and women. Remember hair loss in men and women can be for very different reasons. Saw Palmetto has been medically proven to halt the process whereby male hair follicles fall out.

Saw Palmetto-Simple Home Remedies For Hair Fall


Often hair loss can be caused by poor nutrient absorption. This can have loads of causes but one common one is bacterial overgrowth in the stomach and gut. Acidophilus can help keep these bacteria at bay and allow the body to get its nutrients from the food you eat. Acidophilus can be found in certain yoghurt's as well as in pill form. Which ever is more suitable for you. Loss of hair, loss of eyelashes, beards and facial hair can be caused by this factor, which is basically a fungal overgrowth in the body.

Fungus-Simple Home Remedies For Hair Fall

9.Vitamin C

A head of full shiny hair is a sign of youth. If your hair is appearing dull, dry and has split ends it could be lacking in vitamin C. There are tons of foods that contain vitamin C. No matter what your hair-loss is caused from vitamin C can also help boost your immune system. Hair-loss can also occur as a result of low immunity.

Vitamin C-Simple Home Remedies For Hair Fall


The days of boiled spinach are long over. Today they are delicious in healthy salads. Pictured here is a very tasty looking bacon and pepper salad with spinach forming a base. Spinach is a magic food and filled with so many minerals and vitamins that one should try to add to their diet anyway. As for hair help spinach is full of copper and Zinc. Interestingly if you notice your hair changes color you could be suffering a copper deficiency. If your hair colour fades this is the same cause. Zinc is responsible for blood circulation and can increase blood flow to the scalp.

Spinach-Simple Home Remedies For Hair Fall


Hair loss can attributed to lack of iron. Eating foods rich in iron will nourish your hair and iron provides much needed oxygen to the hair shaft. Iron is responsible for the production of red blood cells which help the body in a whole host of ways. There are both meats and vegetables packed with iron.

Iron-Simple Home Remedies For Hair Fall

12.Coconut Oil

Hair loss can happen to any of us. Stress, poor nutrition and hormones can be the cause of hair fall. As well as a whole host of other reasons. Coconut oil has massive benefits for hair. The best way to use it is place on your fingertips then massage into your scalp. Scalp massage triggers scalp circulation and thus promotes hair growth.

Coconut Oil-Simple Home Remedies For Hair Fall



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