Shocking Moments Caught On Camera

Monday, Mar 29, 2021, 6:18 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Australian Man Mauled by a Tiger

Shocking moment Dave Styles of Australia is mauled by a tiger. Styles raised the tiger from a cub and although hurt he is recovering in hospital. Styles said that the tiger did not mean it and that these things just happen sometimes.

Australian Man Mauled by a Tiger-Shocking Moments Caught On Camera

2.Hit and Run Driver

Shocking moment as a hit and run driver smacks into pedestrian then speeds off leaving him for dead. As you can see the hit pedestrian is hit so hard he flays into the air. The photo was released on the request of the victims parents in the hope that someone would recognize the driver.

Hit and Run Driver-Shocking Moments Caught On Camera


This video caught on camera is almost unbelievable. The guy lying in the bed has just had open heart surgery, the man in the blue is a doctor. The video shows the doctor arguing with the patient moments after he comes out of surgery and is in ICU. He then proceeds to punch the man in the face, punch him in the chest a few times and then move his breathing tube. The patient died an hour later.

Unbelievable-Shocking Moments Caught On Camera


4.Russian Baby Yoga Picture Banned

This photograph was banned from being circulated around Facebook. It features a woman doing so called 'baby yoga' with her child. Onlookers giggle as the woman swings the baby by the leg upside down. The picture was banned as it is considered child abuse.

Russian Baby Yoga Picture Banned-Shocking Moments Caught On Camera

5.Paul Walkers Collision Caught on Camera

The last moment of Paul Walkers life is caught on camera as his Porsche collides with something then bursts into flames. He died on impact.

Paul Walkers Collision Caught on Camera-Shocking Moments Caught On Camera


This heart rendering photograph shows as an elephant stands guard over its friend in death. In the background hyenas wait to pounce on the carcass as well as the vultures flying over head. The female elephant swatted them all away in a bid to protect her friend. The elephant was killed by illegal poaches who were after the tusks to sell later for money.

Endearing-Shocking Moments Caught On Camera

7.Python Eyes Bigger Than His Belly

A Python is caught on camera as it tries to swallow a wildebeest whole in South Africa. The snakes jaws are straining to fit the large animal into its mouth and as its body is going down the pythons throat, you can see its lower body hanging out.

Python Eyes Bigger Than His Belly-Shocking Moments Caught On Camera

8.Rihanna Smashes a Fan in the Face With Microphone

This picture shows Rihanna lifting her large microphone to hit a fan with in the face. She was walking by fans briefly in the audience with her body guard behind her when the fan grabbed her arm. She tried to pull away and could not and so smashed the microphone down onto the fans face.

Rihanna Smashes a Fan in the Face With Microphone-Shocking Moments Caught On Camera

9.Mother Attempts To Kill her Child

This horrific photograph caught on a security camera shows as 18 year old Shantaniqua Scott tries to suffocate her child. She is seen here as she places her hand on his mouth and nose and he struggles to breath. When asked why she did this she replied that she wanted her pre-baby days back she was done with the responsibility of a kid.

Mother Attempts To Kill her Child-Shocking Moments Caught On Camera

10.Assassination Attempt On Live TV

Politician Ahmed Dogan is caught on live television in an assassination attempt. The gunman apparently jumped out of nowhere and lifted his gun to the shocked Dogan's head.

Assassination Attempt On Live TV-Shocking Moments Caught On Camera

11.Shocking Picture of a Thug Hitting His Pet

This man was captured on camera hitting his pet. The attack was so vicious that his shoe flew off as he kicked the dog in a rage. Apparently he did it because his dog would not sit outside of a shop he was entering.

Shocking Picture of a Thug Hitting His Pet-Shocking Moments Caught On Camera

12.British Teen Throws a Brick at His Victim

This shocking picture is showing a teen callously throwing a brick at his victims head as he falls onto the train tracks. The teen brutally attacked the man and robbed him. This was his third victim. Thanks to hidden cameras he was arrested and jailed indefinitely.

British Teen Throws a Brick at His Victim-Shocking Moments Caught On Camera



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