Reasons You Should Never Commit Suicide

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021, 7:38 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.It's Cowardly

Committing suicide is cowardly. It's the easy way out, leaving behind a trail of sorrow. You are essentially dumping your problems on those you love, leaving them to pick up the pieces. It takes courage to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and carry on. We know you can do it.

It's Cowardly-Reasons You Should Never Commit Suicide

2.It's Never Too Late To Start Over

It's never too late to hit the reset button. If life isn't treating you well, start over. Move to a new place, get a new job, get a new girlfriend, join a new gym, take up a hobby, or travel. There are many ways to restart and even though it may be hard, it may be exciting too, with many challenges to keep you going.

It's Never Too Late To Start Over-Reasons You Should Never Commit Suicide

3.You Are Meant For Better Things

You have no idea what is meant for you in life. You may be meant for bigger things, such as saving people's lives, helping others in need, or just for living life to the fullest and enjoying all that life has to offer. If you end your life in the middle of your story, you will never know what you missed.

You Are Meant For Better Things-Reasons You Should Never Commit Suicide


4.You Are Not Assured A Better Life

Since no one really knows what happens after you die, you really have no idea where you are going. If you think you are going to a better place, that may not really be true. Why not wait until you are called there rather than try to get in early. The gate keepers may frown on such a thing and if they are not ready for you, you may have to wait somewhere else, if you know what I mean.

You Are Not Assured A Better Life-Reasons You Should Never Commit Suicide

5.Life Is A Rollercoaster

Life is a rollercoaster with many ups and downs. If you bail out on the scary decline, you won't get to experience the exhilarating climbs and thrilling highs. Leaving life when life is hard robs you of all the good there is to follow. Stick around for the climb back to the top.

Life Is A Rollercoaster-Reasons You Should Never Commit Suicide

6.Nothing Is Ever That Bad

There is nothing that is ever as bad as death. There is nothing that is ever that bad that you should kill yourself. And there is nothing that bad to take yourself away from the ones you love. Tomorrow is another day. The sun will rise and new options will make themselves available.

Nothing Is Ever That Bad-Reasons You Should Never Commit Suicide

7.There Are Better Ways To Hurt Someone

If you're committing suicide to hurt someone who may have hurt you, there are better ways, much better ways. death is never the answer, and while it may hurt them emotionally, you will never have a chance to see them suffer because you can never come back. Think twice before doing such a thing.

There Are Better Ways To Hurt Someone-Reasons You Should Never Commit Suicide

8.Butterfly Effect

The butterfly effect is the wave you create from one action. You may think you don't matter but what you do every day touches someone, who touches someone, who touches someone else. When you commit suicide it affects someone, who affects another and so on. The ripple effect can go on infinitely.

Butterfly Effect-Reasons You Should Never Commit Suicide

9.Don't Leave Behind A Bad Memory

When someone commits suicide it leaves behind a bad memory. Instead of the good things you've done, all that is remembered is the way in which you took your own life. Don't leave that as your last good bye, instead stick around, make a difference and persevere. Things can change tomorrow.

Don't Leave Behind A Bad Memory-Reasons You Should Never Commit Suicide

10.Hurts your Loved Ones

While suicide may sound like a way out for you, think about those who love you. Think about those you leave behind, bewildered, sad, and grief stricken. They will miss you, there will be a hole in their hearts that can never be filled. Stick around for them and you may find what you're looking for.

Hurts your Loved Ones-Reasons You Should Never Commit Suicide

11.Things Can Get Better

Things can always get better. Just remember, that nothing lasts forever, and things can turn around. Always have hope and always have faith. Believe in the power of will, the power to change your life and the power you have within yourself. Get help from those you love. Family and friends would rather help than lose you.

Things Can Get Better-Reasons You Should Never Commit Suicide

12.It's Final

There's no turning back. death is about as final as final can get. There are no second chances, no way to come back. There are many other options that can alleviate what someone is going through rather than death. Getting help from family and friends is a start.

It's Final-Reasons You Should Never Commit Suicide



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