Real Life People Who Have Become Dolls

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 4:28 pm
By:Tony Williams

Have you ever played with dolls in your childhood? We all did, one of the best memories of childhood is playing with dolls. Be it action figures, Barbie dolls whatever. But for some people this has become their whole life. Yes, Here are 12 people who have become real life dolls.
4.Dakota Rose

This American teenager loves anime and indeed she has decided to try to replicate the look and live it for real. She has certainly kind of achieved that as she is the correct size and shape, so instead of focusing on the makeup she has gone for the overall appeal.

Dakota Rose-Real Life People Who Have Become Dolls
5.Alina Kovaleskaya

It is perhaps fair to say that she does look like a doll from the neck up, but perhaps her body is not doing her justice at least in this shot. Other people seem to go a bit further when it comes to becoming a doll, but for headshots she is fantastic.

Alina Kovaleskaya-Real Life People Who Have Become Dolls

6.Aaron Bruckner

As you may have noticed by his shirt, this guy has tried to model himself on Ken of Barbie fame and in a way he has at least managed to achieve this even if he does look a bit strange. Even the way he poses is fake, but you just know that he will look in the mirror and be convinced that he looks fantastic.

Aaron Bruckner-Real Life People Who Have Become Dolls