Pirate Tattoos

Wednesday, Jul 22, 2020, 4:06 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Colorful pirate

For some reason there is a sense that this pirate is not as scary as some of the others, but perhaps that is due to his eye shadow rather than anything else. However, even though there is a slight cartoon element to this tattoo you have to admit that it is still pretty good.

Colorful pirate-Pirate Tattoos

2.Colorful ship

This tattoo of the pirate ship being attacked by a sea monster is cool and it is certainly a bit different from the other pirate tattoos that you will tend to see out there. Yes the sea is green, but ignore that part because of what else is going on in the tattoo.

Colorful ship-Pirate Tattoos

3.Pirate & mermaid

How about this for a cool combination? The pirate and mermaid in this tattoo just really do go well together and ultimately it leads to something that is just very well done indeed. The detail in it is pretty good and you would just have to be very happy with what has been done if you were the owner of this tattoo.

Pirate & mermaid-Pirate Tattoos


This tattoo really is quite lifelike and that is down to the skills of the artist. This guy may not have the hat, but he clearly has the eye issue and the parrot on his shoulder just lets you know that he is indeed a pirate and an important one at that.

Lifelike-Pirate Tattoos

5.Skeleton captain

You cannot help but look at this image and just be amazed at the work that has gone into its creation. The amount of time it must have taken in order to produce this is unbelievable, but at the end of the day it is undoubtedly worth it as you can see.

Skeleton captain-Pirate Tattoos

6.Pirate world

There really is so much going on in this tattoo that it is very difficult to even know where to begin with describing it. The artist has gone for a complete pirate world and you have to say that they have managed to achieve this and ultimately it is a seriously cool tattoo.

Pirate world-Pirate Tattoos

7.So cool

This tattoo has a lot of detail in it and it does use a couple of pirate symbols to complete the piece of art. The skull, the burning torches, the pirate ship in the background, it all adds up to something that is seriously cool and a fantastic tattoo.

So cool-Pirate Tattoos

8.Back tattoo

This is a seriously cool back tattoo and you have to say that it is also very well done from an artistic point of view as well. The way in which it spreads over the back is pretty good and there is just enough detail in there without it being too over the top.

Back tattoo-Pirate Tattoos

9.Old seadog

Look at those eyes. Is this not one of the coolest tattoos you have seen in a long time? The amount of work that has gone into its creation is staggering and ultimately this is something that should win awards due to how good it actually is.

Old seadog-Pirate Tattoos

10.The skull

The detail in this tattoo is amazing and you have to just step back and admire the work that has gone into it. Yes it does follow the normal pirate theme, but at the same time this is something that you would be seriously proud to own and show it off at every opportunity.

The skull-Pirate Tattoos

11.Pirate girl

This tattoo is really cool as it has a sexy pirate girl. You have to admit that this tattoo is bright and colorful and it is also very well done from an artistic point of view as well, but overall you would be quite proud to have this one on your arm.

Pirate girl-Pirate Tattoos


This tattoo is cool as it is not too detailed, but it does also cover something that we often associate with a pirate and that is a tendency to enjoy some rum. The actual design is pretty cool and it is a perfect leg tattoo due to the size and shape of the piece of art.

Rum-Pirate Tattoos



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