Pics Of Pets Being Cozy With Female Breasts

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 4:13 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.I Don't Want To Ever Get Up

You can't blame this little puppy for never wanting to wake up and get out of that cozy bed he's made for himself. Nestled right between this woman's breasts, he's all warm and snuggly. It seems to be a favorite place for puppies and kittens to take a nap. Probably reminds them of their own mothers.

I Don't Want To Ever Get Up-Pics Of Pets Being Cozy With Female Breasts

2.Gray Is Our Color

This cat knows where it's at. Using this girl's breasts as a giant pillow, he wraps himself around it. The look on his face says it all. He just sees so happy, and like he never wants to leave. Cute animals have it made. Who knows what they really think and if they realize that they are getting to nap on a beautiful woman's breasts.

Gray Is Our Color-Pics Of Pets Being Cozy With Female Breasts

3.Eye Up Here

This cute doggie definitely has eyes for the Ladies. Just like any man, he is distracted by this woman's large breasts. He seems to have no interest in her face, or for kissing her, as she seems to be requesting. Instead, he just wants to dive right into her bikini top and take a nap.

Eye Up Here-Pics Of Pets Being Cozy With Female Breasts

4.So Comfy

Fido looks pretty darn comfortable resting on this woman's breasts. To him it's just a nice, warm, fluffy place to place his head. He doesn't realize that his pillow is prime real estate, well sought after by many a man who would love to rest his weary head upon these breasts. It's a dog's world alright. They get to kiss and snuggle with the best looking woman.

So Comfy-Pics Of Pets Being Cozy With Female Breasts

5.Prancing Kitty

This kitty is having a grand old time, sitting up on this woman's breasts. Cats love to test their footing by pushing up and down with their paws. This cat is getting quite a handful, or should we say pawful, as he presses up and down, up and down, on her breasts. If you're big enough to hold a cat, you are pretty well built. 

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Prancing Kitty-Pics Of Pets Being Cozy With Female Breasts

6.Sleeping In

This tiny little kitten seems to be all tucked in for a nap. Looking as peaceful as can be, he even gets to feel this woman up with his little paw. Many men across the nation would kill to put their paw in this kitten's place, even just for one second. Too bad guys don't realize that a woman's breasts are for nurturing, too.

Sleeping In-Pics Of Pets Being Cozy With Female Breasts

7.Sweet Ride

This adorable little puppy gets a sweet ride in superstar hockey player, Wayne Gretzky's daughter dress. Paulina Gretzky gives this little cutie pie a ride up top as she walks around with him, or her, stuffed in her bra. The pup looks mighty comfortable sitting there with a smug look.

Sweet Ride-Pics Of Pets Being Cozy With Female Breasts

8.Double Luck

Who says black cats are bad luck, they look pretty lucky in this photo. Two cute little black kittens nuzzled up on each side of this woman's breasts. What man wouldn't pay to be either one of these tiny felines? It's pretty though for those guys who can't manage to get that close to a woman. Maybe they should grow some fur and a tail.

Double Luck-Pics Of Pets Being Cozy With Female Breasts

9.We Match

This cute little nugget of a puppy almost blends with this woman's shirt. Most people probably do a double take when they see those cute little eyes looking back at them. This puppy has no idea how many men wish they were him right now, nuzzled up in this woman's ample breasts.

We Match-Pics Of Pets Being Cozy With Female Breasts

10.Squishy Kitty

This kitty looks like he is beyond comfortable, squished up in this woman's shirt. He is sound asleep in place most men can only dream of sleeping. Actually, he matches quite well with this woman's shirt, he should be part of her shirt every day, then she won't just be getting looks for her large breasts.

Squishy Kitty-Pics Of Pets Being Cozy With Female Breasts

11.Kitty Lovin'

Sometimes the best place to carry a small pet is in a woman's cleavage. After all, we put money, keys, and lipstick there, why not a little kitty. Nestled in the cleavage, the kitty feels warm and secure as the woman is hands free, going about her day. The little cat sure seems to like it.

Kitty Lovin'-Pics Of Pets Being Cozy With Female Breasts

12.Cozy Puppy

It's funny where puppies choose to sleep, but it also makes sense. It's the most comfortable place and it must remind him of his canine mother. They like feeling the heartbeat and the warmth, to them it's soothing and comforting. To a guy watching, he is wishing he was that puppy.

Cozy Puppy-Pics Of Pets Being Cozy With Female Breasts



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