Photos Of Goats On Cliffs

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 9:20 am
By:Tony Williams


This goat appears to have been caught in the act with the way it is looking back at us. However, just look at where it is standing and then think about how amazing their balance must be in order to do this in the first place.

Peek-a-boo-Photos Of Goats On Cliffs


This has to be Spidergoat with the way that it is clinging onto the cliff face. How this is this even possible and why has the goat decided to try to get into this kind of position in the first place?

Spidergoat-Photos Of Goats On Cliffs

3.My head is stuck

Erm, is there anybody there? I seem to have got myself in a strange position and do not know how to get back out. My horn is stuck in this wall here you see and I'm on my tiptoes already and my legs are getting tired, so HELP!!

My head is stuck-Photos Of Goats On Cliffs

4.Cliff acrobatics

This appears to be the first instance of cliff acrobatics and considering the height they are up this is a rather dodgy game to play. The one on the right must have got the short straw since they have to do the awkward pose while the other one just stands there.

Cliff acrobatics-Photos Of Goats On Cliffs

5.What do you mean you are scared of heights?

Some goats are obviously braver than others as we can see here. The ones at the bottom are not too sure of the height whereas the two at the front of the picture are probably telling them how they are just a big chicken.

What do you mean you are scared of heights?-Photos Of Goats On Cliffs

6.Quick no cars are coming

So just how exactly does this goat manage to get down here without falling off? This just seems to basically defy the laws of physics because surely it should just topple off?

Quick no cars are coming-Photos Of Goats On Cliffs

7.So, erm how do I get down?

With this one you can almost sense that the goat is looking around and wondering how it actually gets down from this lofty position. It was too busy focusing on climbing that it did not plan ahead and now it is in a bit of a predicament.

So, erm how do I get down?-Photos Of Goats On Cliffs

8.A leap of faith

Well this goat has to be totally confident in what it is doing as this really is like a leap of faith. The ledge on the other side is probably just a fraction of an inch wide as well.

A leap of faith-Photos Of Goats On Cliffs

9.Follow me I know a safe route

Well the second goat clearly has a lot of faith in the first one since it appears to be allowing him to lead the way. Would you have the confidence in somebody to allow them to do that?

Follow me I know a safe route-Photos Of Goats On Cliffs

10.This is not photoshopped

This photograph is actually real and the goats have not been put on there via a program like Photoshop. This face is almost vertical, so how they manage to kind of cling onto the side like that is an absolute mystery.

This is not photoshopped-Photos Of Goats On Cliffs


With this image you can just imagine the goat realizing that it has kind of got stuck, so it ends up shouting for some help. The only problem is you are in the middle of nowhere and nobody is going to hear you my friend.

Help!!-Photos Of Goats On Cliffs

12.Perfectly balanced

Well you will be looking at this photograph and wondering just how the hell this goat has managed to get into this situation. What exactly is it standing on here because it looks as if it is just floating in mid-air.

Perfectly balanced-Photos Of Goats On Cliffs



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