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Wednesday, Mar 24, 2021, 1:03 pm
By:Tony Williams


Ebay revolutionized the yard sale, so to speak. People were able to sell things they no longer used and make a profit. Today, people make a solid living just selling items on Ebay, new and used. Everything and anything is auctioned off the highest bidder, or sold at a set price, but most goods sell within a week.

Ebay-Most Loved Companies


Nike is a favorite company for athletes around the world. Runners, bicyclists, weight lifters, tennis players, soccer players, and just about anyone who does something physical love Nike's comfort and durability. Their tag line, "Just Do It" is almost as famous as them. One only has to see the swoosh to know it's Nike.

Nike-Most Loved Companies


To say that a delivery company is a favorite company may not make sense at first, but when you want your package to get there on time, then you get it. FedEx has been around since 1971, when they revolutionized the delivery of overnight packages. Today they are a huge conglomerate who have grown with their customers.

FedEx-Most Loved Companies


4.Walt Disney

It's no surprise that Disney is a favorite company worldwide. With amusement parks, movies and merchandise, what's not to like about Disney. Having bought LucasFilm in October, Disney is now riding the "Star Wars' train and anything that Disney touches is always a huge success. Get ready for the next installment.

Walt Disney-Most Loved Companies

5.Berkshire Hathaway

With 250,000 employees, Berkshire is not only a favorite for it's customers, but a favorite place to work. The company has about $50 billion in cash holdings. Warren Buffett is giving half of his enormous wealth to charity. From ice cream to condiments and to insurance, there is no stopping Berkshire Hathaway.

Berkshire Hathaway-Most Loved Companies

6.Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines may not look fancy like some of the other airlines, but they are a favorite among frequent fliers. With options such as free bags, and free re-booking they are even swaying loyal Jet Blue and Virgin America customers away. They are revamping their structure for a new 2014.

Southwest Airlines-Most Loved Companies


IBM had a solid run in the '90's when everyone seemed to be switching over from Apple to windows, but Apple took that all away from them by the mid-2000's. However, IBM still delivers with cloud computing. They are still a high grossing company, being used in the heath care services.

IBM-Most Loved Companies


Starbucks is a coffee giant, being the largest coffee chain in the world. When it began in 1971, it was a small cafe in Seattle, Washington, now they are the trendy place to go and be seen. They changed the way people order coffee and made it hip and cool to know their version of the names.

Starbucks-Most Loved Companies

9.Coca Cola

It seems Coca Cola has been around forever, and even with the push for people not to drink soda, it's still a top company. Why? Because they change with the times. They offer vitamin to those who don't want to drink soda, but their Coke and diet Coke are still selling off the charts.

Coca Cola-Most Loved Companies


Amazon seems to be on the tip of everyone's tongue when they want to order something online. With their low prices and the ability to price shop for the best deal, and their rapid delivery for its Prime Members, they are on top and plan to stay there. They are even thinking about coming out with the Amazon smartphone.

Amazon-Most Loved Companies


Google is the most use search engine and therefore the most loved. It is also the top place to work. The Silicon Valley located company is a competitor to Apple with its Android products, with the Android iOS expected to take over Apple's iOS in the near future. Let's see how that all plays out.

Google-Most Loved Companies


Apple is one of the most loved companies in the world. With $13 billion dollars in profit, just last quarter, it is not only the most loved, but the most profitable company in the world. With the iPhone and iPad as it's top products, you can see one in almost everyone's hands worldwide.

Apple-Most Loved Companies



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