Most Creative Flags Made Out Of Food

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 8:57 am
By:Tony Williams


How fitting that Brazil used used pineapple and passion fruit placed on a banana leaf. This flag looks the most refreshing of all the flags, and makes your mouth water just looking at it. Cool limes with pineapple during the heat of summer make the perfect snack. Add some passion fruit and now you're cooking.

Brazil-Most Creative Flags Made Out Of Food


Using dragon fruit the Chinese flag was replicated with it's all red background. The stars are made out of star fruit, and placed in just the right place. This was an easy way to demonstrate the Chinese flag and also to make a mouth watering display, ready to be devoured whenever the chefs said it was okay.

China-Most Creative Flags Made Out Of Food


This Australian food flag looks absolutely delicious. Made with meat pice and sauce, the crust is cut out with little star shapes while food coloring is used to create the star. Chef can do just about anything with food, so why not make country flags. Better than looking at them, would be eating them.

Australia-Most Creative Flags Made Out Of Food


This was an easy one. Cubed pieces of Turkey with red food coloring to make the letter "C" and the star. On the real flag that is "C" shape is a full moon passing in front of the sun. The ancient Turks were sky worshippers and this was incorporated into their flag.

Turkey-Most Creative Flags Made Out Of Food


This food flag of Switzerland looks to be using some type of ham with, of course, Swiss Cheese. Looking very much like the flag, it also looks like a great food platter at an event, that you can't wait to sink your teeth into. All you need are some rolls and mustard, or mayonnaise.

Switzerland-Most Creative Flags Made Out Of Food


Japan's flag is simple, a white background with a red circle in the middle. Japan is known for their sushi, so a great way to make this food flag was to use a big circular piece of fresh raw tuna. It was placed over a circular shaped mound of white rice and serving on a square white platter.

Japan-Most Creative Flags Made Out Of Food


What can be more American than hot dogs? Apple pie, maybe. This American flag is perfectly replicated with the hot dog and bun being the red stripes, and the little mustard stars on the blue square, represents the states. A great way to pay homage to the red, white, and blue.

USA-Most Creative Flags Made Out Of Food


What better way to depict the Greek flag's blue and white colors than with kalamata olives and feta cheese? This looks like an appetizer platter than anyone would love to dig into, not just the Greek people. Known for their olives, hummus and pita, this is a very fitting tribute to Greece.

Greece-Most Creative Flags Made Out Of Food


This British food flag is so right on. Using a cracker as the base, cream cheese and blue and red jams are used to create the British flag. The British royals love their tea with crackers and jam, so this flag hits the spot, so to speak. Tea time is one of their favorite times of day.

Britain-Most Creative Flags Made Out Of Food


In Indonesia, the colors of the flag are red and white, which are depicted perfectly with what looks to be a red, spicy curry dish with a side of white rice. It's amazing how when you make the flag out of food it can look almost exactly the same, but smell so much better.

Indonesia-Most Creative Flags Made Out Of Food


The Thailand flag is red, white, blue, white red. Using sweet chili sauce, shredded coconut and blue swimmer crab, the flag was replicated with food from Thailand. This country is big on fish and their speciality spices that we all clamor for here in the United States. Thai food is very popular and more and more people are learning how to cook it.

Thailand-Most Creative Flags Made Out Of Food


This food flag represents Italy beautifully using basil for the green, pasta for the white and tomatoes for the red. Using food from the country in the flag is a great way to show what the country is all about. These foods make a delicious meal of pasta with marina sauce.

Italy-Most Creative Flags Made Out Of Food



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