Most Common Ph0bias People Have

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 6:50 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Hypochondria - Fear Of Illness

Hypochondria is somewhat similar to those who are germophobes, but the hypochondriac fears that he has ever disease imaginable. A simple cough will have them imaging death from whooping cough or imaging that they have pneumonia. A headache can have them convinced that they have a brain tumor. It can be life limiting.

Hypochondria - Fear Of Illness-Most Common Ph0bias People Have

2.Claustroph0bia - Fear Of Closed Spaces

Claustroph0bia is the fear of small spaces and being confined. Feeling like they cannot escape, often people will imagine that they can't breathe or that they will pass out. All of this is symptomatic of anxiety and panic attacks. Elevators, closets, airplanes, tanning beds, and anything else that closes them in, elicits fear.

Claustroph0bia - Fear Of Closed Spaces-Most Common Ph0bias People Have

3.Social ph0bias - Fear Of Social Situations

Some people are very uncomfortable in social situations, so much so, that they avoid them at all costs. Anxiety and panic set in if they are confronted with a social gathering, party or even a small dinner party. Often one on one situations create even more of a challenge for someone suffering from Social ph0bia.

Social ph0bias - Fear Of Social Situations-Most Common Ph0bias People Have

4.Astraph0bia - Fear Of Thunder And Lightening

Let's face it, the sound of thunder and lightening can be scary, but for some people it terrorizes them. Running for cover and shaking until the storm is over is typical for someone suffering from Tryanoph0bia, and if caught out in a storm panic sets in. It can cause anxiety of pending storms as well.

Astraph0bia - Fear Of Thunder And Lightening-Most Common Ph0bias People Have

5.Agoraph0bia - Fear Of Spaces

Agoraph0bia is a strange ph0bia where people do not feel safe in wide open spaces. The opposite of claustroph0bia, where people hate being confined, this ph0bia prevents people from going out sometimes. It can be debilitating, with some people becoming recluses and hardly ever, if ever, leaving their houses. They also avoid crowds, which can contradict the ph0bia itself.

Agoraph0bia - Fear Of Spaces-Most Common Ph0bias People Have

6.Odphidioph0bia - Fear Of Snakes

Who isn't afraid of snakes? Some people are not, and keep them as pets, but most people suffer from some type of Ophidioph0bia. The sight of snakes makes them shiver and they would never want to touch one. If they live in climates such as Arizona, they avoid them at all costs and actually live in fear of encountering them on a walk.

Odphidioph0bia - Fear Of Snakes-Most Common Ph0bias People Have

7.Acroph0bia - Fear Of Heights

Fear of heights is another common ph0bia. Acroph0bia involves the fear of being in high places, which causes anxiety and avoidance. High buildings, walkways, bridges, mountains, cliffs and other heights, can bring on panic attacks and actual terror in people who suffer from this ph0bia. Some take the long way to work to avoid a bridge or high walkway.

Acroph0bia - Fear Of Heights-Most Common Ph0bias People Have

8.Arachnoph0bia - Fear Of Spiders

Arachnoph0bia is a common ph0bia where people are frightened of spiders. When you really think of it, the spider is so much smaller than a person, yet people scream and run. It might make sense though, because spiders like the Black Widow and Brown Recluse can take down an elephant.

Arachnoph0bia - Fear Of Spiders-Most Common Ph0bias People Have

9.Mysoph0bia - Fear Of Dirt

Fear of dirt is not just limited to dirt you would find outside in a garden or at a park, Mysoph0bia is really the fear of germs associated with dirt. It can manifest itself in obsessive-compulsive behavior, and people often identify themselves as germophobes, with some going to extremes and avoid shaking hands or hugging.

Mysoph0bia - Fear Of Dirt-Most Common Ph0bias People Have

10.Pteromerhanoph0bia - Fear Of Flying

Pteromerhanoph0bia is the fear of flying and this ph0bia increased dramatically after the tragic events of 911. Fear of flying typically comes from the fear of being out of control and of crashing. It can cause great anxiety in people who refuse to fly, limiting their lives to staying local and never getting to see the world.

Pteromerhanoph0bia - Fear Of Flying-Most Common Ph0bias People Have

11.Tryanoph0bia - Fear Of Injections

Fear of injections, Astraph0bia, usually starts at a young age when children are getting their vaccinations and other shots that are typical in childhood. After the first shot, they know it's going to hurt and build up a fear that can last a lifetime. This fear often goes untreated because as adults sufferers of this ph0bia avoid injections at all costs, sometimes putting their health in jeopardy.

Tryanoph0bia - Fear Of Injections-Most Common Ph0bias People Have

12.Cynoph0bia - Fear Of Dogs

Cynoph0bia is the fear of dogs. People can have varying degrees of this ph0bia, from being so frightened they can't even look at a dog to not being able to be in the vicinity a dog. It usually stems from being bitten or threatened by a dog during childhood, with the fear never resolving itself.

Cynoph0bia - Fear Of Dogs-Most Common Ph0bias People Have



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