Easy Home Made Science Projects

Sunday, Aug 15, 2021, 8:41 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Egg bubbles

Get a clear jar or glass, some hot water, a magnifying glass, and of course an egg. Put the egg in the jar, add some hot water until it is almost full, and then wait for a couple of minutes. You will then see air bubbles appearing on the shell and they will eventually work their way to the top of the jar. This shows how the shell of an egg is full of tiny holes that we just cannot see with the naked eye and it makes it look as if the egg is breathing.

Egg bubbles-Easy Home Made Science Projects

2.Gravity defying water

If you have a glass of water and turn it upside down won't the water just fall out? Well by rights it should, but if you also use a bit of cardboard at the start, then you will stay completely dry. Put cardboard on top, press it down, and turn the glass upside down. The air pressure outside is greater than the pressure of the water on the cardboard leading to it sticking there and defying gravity.

Gravity defying water-Easy Home Made Science Projects

3.A magnetic balloon?

Get a balloon and inflate it and then watch as it picks up scraps of paper before your very eyes. In order to do this you need to rub the balloon against your hair as this creates static electricity in the balloon and it is this that then turns it into what appears to be a giant magnet.

A magnetic balloon?-Easy Home Made Science Projects


4.The floating paper ball

This is so easy to do as you just need a paper ball, or a ping pong ball will do, and a hairdryer. The hairdryer will keep the ball in the air and it will do so even when you move the hairdryer away so that it is no longer directly under it as it is still in the same air-stream.

The floating paper ball-Easy Home Made Science Projects

5.Tornado in a bottle

OK so this is undoubtedly a fun one to do and all you need are two plastic bottles of the same size, some food coloring, water, tape, and a small washer. Fill one bottle with water and add the food coloring to the other. Put the washer on top of the bottle that is filled and then put the other bottle upside down on top of it and tape them together. Turn them over and start spinning the bottles and watch as a vortex appears.

Tornado in a bottle-Easy Home Made Science Projects

6.Glowing water

For this simple experiment you need a backlight of some kind, and a bottle of tonic water. Simply place the light behind the tonic water to see how the water glows. This is due to it containing phosphors and they are activated by the UV light resulting in it basically glowing in the dark.

Glowing water-Easy Home Made Science Projects

7.Making fake snot

This is cool and disgusting in equal measure. In order to do it you need some gelatin, corn syrup, and some boiling water in a cup. Put 3 teaspoons of gelatin in half a cup of water and leave it to become soft before stirring it with a fork. Add in a quarter of a cup of corn syrup and stir it. You will now see long strands of gunk resulting in you having made fake snot.

Making fake snot-Easy Home Made Science Projects

8.A volcano involving vinegar

If you want to make a safe, but cool, chemical reaction, then you need to use vinegar, but you are also going to need some baking soda and some paper towels to clean things up. Put some baking soda in a container, then simply add the vinegar and just wait for the reaction.

A volcano involving vinegar-Easy Home Made Science Projects

9.Making quick sand

In order to make this you need a cup of maize cornflour, some water, a spoon, and a large plastic container. Mix the water and the cornflour and then add it to the plastic container. To demonstrate the quick sand you need to stir it quickly as this will make it hard and you can punch through it. Leave your spoon in there to allow them to watch it gradually sink.

Making quick sand-Easy Home Made Science Projects

10.Elephant toothpaste

For this you need some yeast, hydrogen peroxide, a bottle, dish soap, food coloring, a baking tray, and a funnel. Put a tablespoon of yeast in two tablespoons of warm water and then put the bottle in the baking tray. Add the coloring to the hydrogen peroxide, then pour 5oz into the bottle. Add a touch of your dish soap liquid, then throw in the yeast mix and stand back and wait for things to take off.

Elephant toothpaste-Easy Home Made Science Projects

11.Inflate a balloon on its own

For this you need an empty drinks bottle, a thin balloon, some yeast, sugar, and some water. Mix together 2 teaspoons of yeast with one teaspoon of sugar and a cup of water and add to the bottle. Fix the balloon over the top with an elastic band and watch it inflate. This works due to the yeast eating sugar and producing carbon dioxide.

Inflate a balloon on its own-Easy Home Made Science Projects

12.Rainbow glass

This is both cool as well as easy to do. It simply needs 5 glasses, different food coloring, water, and some sugar. Put an equal amount of water in each glass then put one teaspoon of sugar in glass 1, then 2 teaspoons of sugar in glass 2 until there are 5 in glass 5. Add some food coloring to each glass and then gently pour them all into the one glass. The sugar alters the density and you the have a rainbow glass.

Rainbow glass-Easy Home Made Science Projects



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