Different Types Of Clouds

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 9:39 am
By:Tony Williams


How freaky are these? You will tend to see them with a thunderstorm, but they themselves tend to be quite harmless. However, they do look bad even though they tend to appear either before or after some bad weather.

Mammatus-Different Types Of Clouds

2.Arcus clouds

With the arcus clouds you do have two different types. The first are shelf clouds with these being quite flat and then roll clouds that are more tubed shape. If you ever see this, then you will probably feel quite scared about it all.

Arcus clouds-Different Types Of Clouds

3.Wall clouds

This cloud is quite freaky to look at as they can eventually lead to the creation of a tornado in some instances. It may also be known as a pedestal cloud and it can come in a range of shapes and sizes.

Wall clouds-Different Types Of Clouds


If you are wanting to see a serious thunderstorm, then this is the cloud that you should be looking out for. They are big, they are tall, they have a lot of moisture and ultimately they produce thunder and lightning.

Cumulonimbus-Different Types Of Clouds

5.Cumulus Congestus

This is quite a scary type of cloud especially when it appears to really be soaring into the sky. This is the type of cloud that then evolves into a thunderstorm.

Cumulus Congestus-Different Types Of Clouds


If you are a child and doing a drawing of a cloud, then unbeknown to you it is likely that you will draw a cumulus cloud. They tend to be quite puffy to look at with rounded tops and they can often appear on their own.

Cumulus-Different Types Of Clouds


These clouds are very thick in nature and this is the one that you will often link to constant rain or even snow. The clouds will often appear to be flat on the bottom and then more rounded on the top.

Nimbostratus-Different Types Of Clouds


This is another low level cloud and what you get here are two types of clouds mashed together. These clouds often come in clumps and you will normally get a change in the weather front with them.

Stratocumulus-Different Types Of Clouds


This is a low level cloud and you will often see it looking rather dark and menacing. It will tend to also be quite flat and uniform and there is usually a chance of rain.

Stratus-Different Types Of Clouds


The difference between this cloud and the altostratus is that altocumulus is seen as being fluffier. This type of cloud can often indicate that there is some instability in the air.

Altocumulus-Different Types Of Clouds


This is classed as being a mid level cloud, which basically means it is closer to the ground. The one thing that strikes you is that they appear to be very flat in nature.

Altostratus-Different Types Of Clouds


This cloud is the one where it looks like feathers high up in the sky. You feel as if nothing could possible go above it and they are often a sign that there is a warmer front about to move in.

Cirrus-Different Types Of Clouds



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