12 Cool Patterns For Walls That Are Awesome

Thursday, Aug 12, 2021, 5:57 pm
By:James Fraser

Painting patterns and stripes on your walls isn't a tough job, but coming up with an excellent wall pattern design idea certainly is. A lot of folks prefer leaving their walls empty with no decals, stickers, or murals, but some individuals love to display their creativity and their passion for art right on their walls. This topic is exclusively for those who are exploring some cool patterns to draw on their walls. Following are 12 decorative wall patterns that serve as an inspiration for anyone who is about to beautify their homes!
4.These Tiny Triangles

This is exactly how you put some life into your dull, boring, and monochromatic wall with little effort and without burning a hole in your pocket! The pattern isn't as cool as some of the other designs on this topic, but it still looks good. As said earlier, you can purchase some fine-looking wall decals or stickers on Amazon or other leading e-commerce portals, and they are not going to cost you an arm or leg! There's no arduous work involved either, as all you need to do is stick those decals to your wall.

These Tiny Triangles-12 Cool Patterns For Walls That Are Awesome

5.This Cool And Creative Wall Pattern

This pattern seems to be a beautiful mix of basketweave, green key, and lattice. It's just a medium-sized wall decal, and apparently, not as extravagant as some of other wall designs we have seen so far on this topic. If you are not a big fan of wall d├ęcor and want to keep your wall monochromatic, but want to add a bit of an accent at an appropriate place to make your home look attractive, then you may find a sticker like this quite useful. Wall decals and stickers like these are cheap, and importantly, you can remove them quickly anytime when you feel like getting rid of them.

This Cool And Creative Wall Pattern-12 Cool Patterns For Walls That Are Awesome

6.This Gingham Wall Pattern

It's a famous and classic wall painting pattern, which can be achieved only with paint, especially if the design has to cover a vast area on a wall. The accent does look classy, but a house with gingham wall pattern looks a bit too formal and old-fashioned. Unless you are a big fan of archetypal designs, you are less likely to find this pattern exciting. Just as seen in this picture, other elements in the home such as furniture should match the wall design or otherwise the gingham pattern looks dull and boring.

This Gingham Wall Pattern-12 Cool Patterns For Walls That Are Awesome