Best Sushi

Sunday, Aug 15, 2021, 6:05 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Kappa maki

This might surprise you, but this dish is actually cucumber and that is clearly not fish. It shows that sushi can be more varied than you were perhaps aware of and this simple dish is a good example of this and at least it gives you a chance to sample seaweed if you have never done so before.

Kappa maki-Best Sushi

2.California roll

This is known as the California roll and basically it is rice with crab in the middle, but your main concern has to be that the crab meat is the real thing as there are some places out there that will use imitation stuff instead. This type of sushi has quite a strong flavor, but it is certainly enjoyable, but only if you love crab.

California roll-Best Sushi


Nigiri sushi is quite simple and straightforward as it includes slices of salmon on a bed of rice. This may sound boring, but if you are new to sushi, then this is the thing you should seriously consider trying first because it does have some flavor without being too overpowering at the same time.

Nigiri-Best Sushi


4.Fugu sashi

When it comes to sushi there is nothing more notorious than fugu sashi. The reason for that is that this comes from the blowfish and everybody knows how most of that fish is poisonous meaning the chef needs to be extremely skilled at what they do. To sell this they need special permission because the poison really is so potent and with no antidote.

Fugu sashi-Best Sushi


This sushi uses the Japanese Amberjack fish and is certainly very popular in sushi restaurants. It has a high fat content and this helps to give it a real savory flavor and indeed this is what makes it so popular. If you want to spice it up a bit, try some jalapenos on top as well.

Hamachi-Best Sushi

6.Shime saba

This particular dish is basically picked mackerel and if you are wanting to try traditional sushi, then this is one dish that needs to be on your menu. The only problem is that it has a very strong flavor and indeed just one piece is often enough for most people, so do be careful.

Shime saba-Best Sushi


As you can see from this image, this sushi is sweet shrimp and of course that will either make you think that it looks amazing or you will think that it looks horrible and you will run in the opposite direction. In actual fact, eating this is going to be very close to eating something live as it is prepared in next to no time and served to you not long after it has died.

Amaebi-Best Sushi

8.Salmon skin roll

This is one of the most popular types of sushi around the world, but when the flesh is used so much it leads to them having a lot of the skin left, so they use that as well as is seen here. They will then fill the inside with some rice and a mixture of fillings including crab or even cream cheese.

Salmon skin roll-Best Sushi


Toro sushi is actually the Bluefin Tuna and indeed it has been so popular that it is now endangered as a species. The problem for it is that it does provide the chef with so many nice cuts for sushi and the taste is also pretty good as well leading to it being consumed in vast quantities in sushi restaurants.

Toro-Best Sushi


Prepare yourself because if you think that this looks nice, then perhaps you should be made aware of the fact that it is actually horse. Yes this is more sashimi than sushi, but it is still something that is very popular in Japan even though we frown upon eating it in a lot of the western world. However, those that try it say it tastes excellent.

Basashi-Best Sushi


OK so this image probably gives the game away and that tako is actually octopus. As you would expect, this is quite rubbery to eat, so do be prepared to spend some time chewing it in order to get it down your throat and it is certainly a unique flavor, so try to get past the fact it is octopus and give it a go.

Tako-Best Sushi


Unagi is what we call eel and it is certainly a very popular sushi dish in Japan. It is not rubbery and apparently it tastes a bit like mushrooms; however, clearly for a lot of people there is going to be a problem with the fact that it is eel, so perhaps this may put you off.

Unagi-Best Sushi



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