Best Songs To Listen To When You Are Sad

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 7:18 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Someone Like You

If you are sad due to a lost love, then putting some Adele on is going to help you out in so many ways. This song in particular is powerful and even though at first you may feel even sadder there can be little doubt about the fact that at the end of the song those clouds may have indeed lifted even slightly.

Someone Like You-Best Songs To Listen To When You Are Sad

2.9 Crimes

Damian Rice is a wonderful musician who is capable of putting so much feeling into his songs and this is an amazing example of his talent. Listen intently to what he is saying and then stop and think about it all and see your reaction.

9 Crimes-Best Songs To Listen To When You Are Sad

3.How To Disappear Completely

If you are looking for a band that is capable of playing songs that are perfect for when you are sad, then you need to seriously consider Radiohead. They are the masters at this genre of song and this is a prime example that will make you feel as if there is indeed a future for you.

How To Disappear Completely-Best Songs To Listen To When You Are Sad

4.Love Will Tear Us Apart

It may have been written in 1980, but this song by Joy Division has been loved by millions of people over the decades. It got in there just before the 80's went all electronic crazy, but it tugs at the heart strings from start to finish.

Love Will Tear Us Apart-Best Songs To Listen To When You Are Sad

5.Wild Horses

If you love the Rolling Stones, then you are going to love this song, but even if you preferred the Beatles this is still something you should listen to. It is not as fast paced as some of their other things, but there has been a lot of thought that has gone into the lyrics and that is the important part here.

Wild Horses-Best Songs To Listen To When You Are Sad


This collaboration between Eminem and Dido was a global hit and it is easy to see why when you listen to it. It is all about a crazed fan with a very sad ending, but there are a few lessons that you can learn from it if you listen carefully to the lyrics.

Stan-Best Songs To Listen To When You Are Sad

7.I Miss You

This is a fantastic song by Blink 182 and even if you are not a fan of the whole punk pop culture put those feelings to one side in order to listen to this song. It is melodic, it is soulful and it will make you think about life and then generally feel a little bit better about things.

I Miss You-Best Songs To Listen To When You Are Sad

8.Streets of Philadelphia

This was a song that Bruce Springsteen brought out for a movie in 1993, but it ended up being one of his best ever hits and there is no doubt that it is also quite moving to listen to. It may cover moments of despair, but at the same time it offers some hope and by the end of it you will probably be feeling a bit better.

Streets of Philadelphia-Best Songs To Listen To When You Are Sad

9.Ain't no Sunshine

Bill Withers is just absolutely perfect for this song and even though it is slightly sad in itself there is no doubt that the lyrics will manage to lift you and give you an extra little spring in your step. This can make a huge difference to the way that you feel about life, so do yourself a favor and go and listen to it.

Ain't no Sunshine-Best Songs To Listen To When You Are Sad


This song by Tom Waits is something that you may not initially think about when you are feeling sad, but the best advice is to go and listen to it as that will undoubtedly change your mind. This is a song that is perfect for lonely people, just do not listen to it on repeat.

Lonely-Best Songs To Listen To When You Are Sad

11.Everybody Hurts

REM had a few big hits over their career, but this was one of their most moving songs that they ever produced. It is slow, it is powerful, and it was a massive hit due to the fact that it touched a chord with so many people.

Everybody Hurts-Best Songs To Listen To When You Are Sad

12.Nothing Compares To You

This song by Sinead O'Conner is an absolute classic and it was by far and away the biggest hit that she ever had. The song itself is incredible sad, but it is also very moving and there is no doubt that you will be touched by it every single time you sit and listen to it.

Nothing Compares To You-Best Songs To Listen To When You Are Sad



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