Best Nailed It Memes

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 6:56 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Would you serve this?

Sometimes when you look at something that a professional company has made you should leave it to them and not try to do it yourself. The outcome ends up being the bottom picture and lets be honest would you be happy with that?

Would you serve this?-Best Nailed It Memes

2.It says what it means

Has there ever been a photograph that is so apt to what it is saying than this? It says nailed it and as you can see somebody has indeed managed to do that. Sometimes people out there are just like a genius.

It says what it means-Best Nailed It Memes

3.Bad for your eyes

If you are going to try and copy the pose on a picture, then make sure that it is not one that ends up making you like an absolute penis. This guy forgot that rather simple principle and this is the outcome and do you think that your eyes will ever recover?

Bad for your eyes-Best Nailed It Memes

4.Could it be more apt?

When it comes to nailing it you have to admit that this person has indeed achieved that and in ways that the rest of us would rather like to avoid. Surely that has to hurt?

Could it be more apt?-Best Nailed It Memes

5.The beer can wins

When you look at this picture all you can think of is that the beer can has to be the thing that just clinches the similarity. This is an example of somebody trying to do fancy dress on a budget with the budget being a can of something you have just finished drinking.

The beer can wins-Best Nailed It Memes

6.So alike it is scary

This is actually quite scary as to how alike they both are because could you tell the difference at first? The woman has obviously put a lot of effort into looking like the cartoon character, but did she mean it? Did she know it was looking so alike?

So alike it is scary-Best Nailed It Memes

7.Not quite

The only thing that the person on the right has in common with the one on the left is that they are human and both have two legs. Apart from that they have failed in spectacular fashion and now we can look at them and laugh.

Not quite-Best Nailed It Memes

8.Nailed it..beard style

You have to give this guy 10 out of 10 for trying to copy this famous photograph using only his beard. He is one of the few out there who can actually accurately claim that they have indeed nailed it, but how long is his beard??

Nailed it..beard style-Best Nailed It Memes

9.Just not quite right

There is something just not quite right about these two pictures and can you spot what is wrong? Maybe it is the hair that is throwing us off? Yeah that's it as the rest is pretty accurate is it not?

Just not quite right-Best Nailed It Memes

10.Which is the cartoon?

You have to admire this woman for at least having a go at copying this cartoon character, but she has only got so far with managing to look like her. In all honesty it would take more than a couple of fake ears and a black nose.

Which is the cartoon?-Best Nailed It Memes

11.The polar bear wins

It is actually quite freaky as to how accurate this polar bear is when it comes to copying the pose by the model. In actual fact who is copying who here? Have we got it the wrong way around?

The polar bear wins-Best Nailed It Memes

12.Close enough

Well this tattoo looks as if it is close enough to what the guy wants, so he has indeed nailed it. Surely he will step back and admire his work and feel that he is now an absolute master tattoo artists?

Close enough-Best Nailed It Memes

13.Nailed it..literally

Well there is no way that you can debate that this person has indeed nailed it. It is good to see that they did at least choose a pretty rubbish phone as this merely strengthened the point that they were trying to make as to what they thought about this Samsung.

Nailed it..literally-Best Nailed It Memes



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