15 Hysterical Facebook Photo Comments Ever

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 12:29 pm
By:James Fraser

How often do you see those funny comments on Facebook or other social media websites and laugh out loud at them? Thanks to people with sarcasm and a good sense of humor, such comments really make our day! What you are about to see in this topic are some of the hilarious comments posted by people on someone Facebook's post. If you're a fan of hilarious YouTube comments, then we are sure you'll love these Facebook picture comments as well!
1.Crackers Love Cheese!

Well, this display banner looks hilarious! The phrase 'crackers love cheese' is indeed funny, and we guess not all people can figure out the subtle racist humor in it. Just in case if you didn't get it, the term 'cracker' is used to refer white people. The picture also has reference to a popular white people stereotype, cheese-eating. That guy's comment is hilarious! 

Crackers Love Cheese!-15 Hysterical Facebook Photo Comments Ever

2.This Is Titanic All Over Again!

Titanic was a great movie, but many people question even today why Jack had to drown himself when there's enough space on the raft to comfortably fit two people. A few years back, the debate was so intense that the director of the movie, James Cameron, had to give an explanation supporting the movie's climax. In 2013, at Cannes Film Festival,One of the wealthiest actor Leonardo DiCaprio was seen holding an Umbrella for Kate Winslet. The umbrella could fit two of them together, but he decided to stay out of it. This hilarious Facebook comment sums up the similarity between the two incidents. 

This Is Titanic All Over Again! -15 Hysterical Facebook Photo Comments Ever

3.This Garbage Man's Christmas Card!

The garbage man who left the Christmas card seems like a very friendly guy. It was really a very nice gesture to gift that card. The lady sounds like she was impressed with the card. What's funny in the whole picture is that comment below the pic. 

This Garbage Man's Christmas Card! -15 Hysterical Facebook Photo Comments Ever


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