Best Foods For Hypothyroidism

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 7:18 pm
By:Tony Williams


It may be surprising to find out that turkey is included in this list, but it has been scientifically proven to help with hypothyroidism. The reason for this is that it is very high in protein and this has been shown to be effective in altering the way in which our thyroid functions.

Turkey-Best Foods For Hypothyroidism


This is just following the idea that nuts in general appear to be quite good for hypothyroidism. They are rich in fats and they can indeed alter the way in which your thyroid functions, so instead of chocolate try some nuts instead.

Pecan-Best Foods For Hypothyroidism


Cashew is yet another nut that you should look at incorporating into your diet on a regular basis if you suffer from hypothyroidism. They work in the same way as peanuts, but once again you need to be careful as to how much of them you eat at any given time.

Cashew-Best Foods For Hypothyroidism


Avocado is so good for you in so many different ways, so it should be no surprise that it has also been shown to be capable of making a positive difference to somebody with hypothyroidism. The reason for this is that it is full of healthy fats, which our thyroid loves, so include it in your diet at least once a week.

Avocado-Best Foods For Hypothyroidism

5.Cottage cheese

If you ignore the fact that cottage cheese can be unhealthy in other ways it cannot be disputed that it does indeed help with hypothyroidism. It is actually better for you if you can get the full fat version although that should not be a problem.

Cottage cheese-Best Foods For Hypothyroidism

6.Peanut butter

Yes there is no doubt that nuts in any format does seem to make a difference when it comes to hypothyroidism and peanut butter is no different. Basically, it just helps to improve your overall thyroid function, but do just keep an eye on how much of it you take at any given time.

Peanut butter-Best Foods For Hypothyroidism


An orange is packed full of all kinds of goodness and it has been scientifically proven to be effective even with hypothyroidism. The only piece of advice is not to take orange juice directly with your medication, but instead wait three to four hours.

Orange-Best Foods For Hypothyroidism


When it is mentioned to others that yogurt can make a difference with hypothyroidism it then has to be explained that it is yogurt in general. Believe it or not, but yogurt does contain some natural iodine in it and this can be extremely good for your thyroid.

Yogurt-Best Foods For Hypothyroidism


Almonds have been shown to be an effective way to tackle the issue of hypothyroidism. However, it is important to point out that it is believed to be the level of selenium in them that plays a key role and just make sure that you limit how many you eat.

Almonds-Best Foods For Hypothyroidism

10.Olive oil

Olive oil is full of the right type of fats that our body needs in order to develop and be healthy and that is one reason why it is not a shock that it is good for hypothyroidism. Look at using it in cooking as often as possible and do just remember that it helps our health in a number of different ways.

Olive oil-Best Foods For Hypothyroidism

11.Flax seed

Flax seed is full of Omega3 and Omega6 and they have been proven to be effective when it comes to combating hypothyroidism. Flax seed is high in something called alphalinolenic acid and this can make a difference to our system.

Flax seed-Best Foods For Hypothyroidism


The best part about this is that you can have the egg in any way that you like, so at least if you do not mind it in general then there is no reason for you to feel as if you are suffering in trying to eat it. Studies have shown that the yoke part in particular is good at making a difference, but it is also high in protein, which is useful.

Egg-Best Foods For Hypothyroidism



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