Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

Friday, Jan 29, 2021, 1:12 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Ear infections

OK so this is not really drinking it, but if you soak some cotton wool in green tea and then put it in the ear you should start to see a difference with the infection. This is largely due to the same reasons as the tooth decay, so give it a go rather than suffering.

Ear infections-Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea


Green tea is high in something called L-theanine and this is an amino acid that is related to lowering stress levels. It can, therefore, help our brain chemistry and when that happens we can start to feel more relaxed and less anxious.

Stress-Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

3.Tooth decay

This may initially sound rather strange, but green tea is good at helping your body to fight against tooth decay. It works due to the fact that it destroys bacteria and viruses and by drinking it you should find a difference with your breath as well.

Tooth decay-Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea


4.Liver disease

People that suffer from liver disease may get some relief by simply drinking green tea. The reason as to how this helps is simply because of the way in which it stops the build up of fatty tissue that can make the condition get worse.

Liver disease-Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea


It has been shown that drinking green tea can indeed improve your memory and it has also been shown that even through it cannot cure this medical condition it can at least slow it down. The reason how it does this is simply because it can reduce the amount of acetylcholine that is produced and this plays a key role in the development of the condition.

Alzheimers-Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea


Green tea works away on your metabolism and it will also help to stop a sudden spike in your blood sugar levels, which is very important if you do indeed suffer from diabetes.

Diabetes-Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

7.Your bones

Green tea is also high in fluoride, so of course that is going to be good news for your bones. By drinking this daily you are going to improve your bone density and this is going to be especially helpful if you suffer from something such as osteoporosis or are at least at risk from it.

Your bones-Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea


Green tea has been shown to help protect the cartilage between the joints and stopping the production of a particular enzyme that slowly destroys it. That is why it is good for people that suffer from arthritis, but you do need to drink it on a daily basis to really get the full effect.

Arthritis-Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

9.Losing weight

Green tea works wonders on your metabolism and it will, in turn, help you to burn off fat. By just drinking this, you can burn off an extra 70 calories a day without doing anything else and that translates to around seven pounds a year.

Losing weight-Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea


Green tea is stuffed full of antioxidants and they are seen as being a major contributor to helping you to keep looking young. The reason as to why this is the case is simply because it fights against things called free radicals and if you read about anti-aging you will see how important this is.

Anti-aging-Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

11.Heart disease

By drinking green tea on a regular basis it does mean that your cholesterol will be lowered and there will be less chance of you having a heart attack. However, if you have already had one, then there is evidence that drinking this tea can then lead to you recovering quicker due to the way it promotes healthy cells in your body.

Heart disease-Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

12.Reduce the risk of cancer

It has been shown that drinking green tea can indeed reduce the chances of you developing cancer and indeed it is 100 times more beneficial than Vitamin C. Of course it is not a surefire way of stopping it, but it should at least make some kind of a difference.

Reduce the risk of cancer-Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea



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