Benefits Of Drinking Beer

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 6:27 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.You Can Make A Beer Float

No, we can't make a beer float in the air, but we can make a delicious beer float, as in adding vanilla ice cream to a dark ale. Why not? If we can do it with root beer, then it makes sense that we can do it with beer. Favorite combinations, include Guiness with vanilla bean ice cream.

You Can Make A Beer Float-Benefits Of Drinking Beer

2.Giant Space Clouds Are Full Of It

Roughly ten thousand light years away are giant space clouds are full of over four hundred trillion pints of beer. Right now, they are impossible to get to, but who knows what our future holds and the power of the beer drinker. When you want a brew, you want a brew.

Giant Space Clouds Are Full Of It-Benefits Of Drinking Beer

3.In Great Company

If you're a beer drinker, you're in great company. Along with President Obama liking to sip on his beer, George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin were all beer brewers, as well as beer drinkers. If it's good for our country's leaders, it must be good for us.

In Great Company-Benefits Of Drinking Beer

4.400 Types To Choose From

There are more beer types than any other alcohol, except for maybe wine. The count is up for debate, but with over four hundred different types of beer, most people can find at least one that they like. There's chocolate beer for chocoholics and there's even wine flavored beer for wine drinkers.

400 Types To Choose From-Benefits Of Drinking Beer

5.Rich In History

The act of brewing beer seems to date back to 2500 BCE. Ebla tablets from Mesopotamia show that women worked at brewing beer from baked barley bread and that is was the daily diet for Egyptian pharaohs. As one of the oldest forms of alcohol, its no wonder that is it so popular.

Rich In History-Benefits Of Drinking Beer

6.It's Patriotic

Did you know that the White House brews its own beer. So if that's the case then it would mean that beer is a patriotic tribute to the country. Sounds good right? Support the red, white and blue with a brew. That could be the next presidential candidate's new slogan.

It's Patriotic-Benefits Of Drinking Beer

7.Healthy For Kidneys

Out of all the alcoholic drinks you can have, beer seems to have the most benefits to your kidneys than the rest. In a study, each can of beer was said to reduce the risk of kidney stones in men, by a whopping 40%. So if you have to drink alcohol, beer might be the right choice.

Healthy For Kidneys-Benefits Of Drinking Beer

8.Hydrates Better Than Water

There has been a recent study that claims that beer hydrates the body slightly better than water, and some coaches have recommended a beer as part of a regimen for their athletes. Seems like the bubbles in the beer might cause some stomach upset when exerting energy. Water still sounds to be the healthier choice, but if you don't have water, hey, grab a beer.

Hydrates Better Than Water-Benefits Of Drinking Beer

9.Contains Fiber

Beer contains fiber, especially the dark beers. With one gram of soluble fiber in a 12 ounce can, or bottle, a six pack would give you six grams in one shot. Not that we encourage you to drink a six pack as a way to get your fiber, but fiber lowers bad cholesterol.

Contains Fiber-Benefits Of Drinking Beer

10.Hops Are Antiviral

The chemical compound humulone is known to guard against pneumonia and bronchitis in children. This chemical is found in beer, but before you go out and buy your kids a beer, you would need to drink thirty 12 ounce cans of beer to get enough humulone to fight the virus.

Hops Are Antiviral-Benefits Of Drinking Beer

11.Great For Bones

We all know that calcium is great for your bones, but silicon is also great for bone density. Beer has been found to have high levels of silicon, making it good for your bones. Many beer drinkers will be glad to hear that bit of news, especially females who are told to eat more calcium.

Great For Bones-Benefits Of Drinking Beer

12.Boosts Vitamin B6

Contrary to popular belief, beer is not all that horrible for you. It contains vitamins B6, B12 and Folic Acid. Beer drinkers were found to have thirty percent more vitamin B6 in their blood than their friends who didn't drink beer. Should you stock up on beer? No, but if you do have one, at least there are benefits.

Boosts Vitamin B6-Benefits Of Drinking Beer



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