Amazing Chemical Reactions

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 9:33 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Supercool water

You probably didn't know that if you get very pure distilled water, then it can go below freezing point without turning to ice as the ice needs something to start the reaction. The cool part is when you pour it out and it turns back to ice due to its state being disturbed as can be seen here.

Supercool water-Amazing Chemical Reactions

2.Sugar & Sulfuric acid

This reaction is sometimes referred to as sugar snake as it produces a mixture of carbon and sugar resulting in this. The entire thing does actually then smell like burnt sugar, so if you hate it you are best to avoid doing this experiment and think of something else instead.

Sugar & Sulfuric acid-Amazing Chemical Reactions

3.Hydrogen peroxide & iodide

This is sometimes referred to as elephants toothpaste because when you mix the two things together you get a reaction that ultimately leads to stuff like this appearing. The beauty of it is you can add colors as can be seen here and basically you are able to produce something that looks like toothpaste.

Hydrogen peroxide & iodide-Amazing Chemical Reactions


4.Sodium & chlorine

OK so these two things together results in salt being made and that is something that we all use. However, fewer people know that there is actually quite a severe chemical reaction when it is being made as can be seen here. However, it helps with food, so we will continue to do it.

Sodium & chlorine-Amazing Chemical Reactions

5.Sugar & Potassium chlorate

When you mix these two items together you get a violet colored fire and a lot of heat. It is often referred to as the gummi bear experiment as that is what is used here to create the reaction in the first place. Basically, you get your own little firework.

Sugar & Potassium chlorate-Amazing Chemical Reactions

6.Magnesium & dry ice

OK so this is not exactly safe, but when you apply dry ice to magnesium you do end up getting something like this. This is because when you light magnesium it burns very well indeed and when you light it inside a block of dry ice it then gives off a bright light as you see here.

Magnesium & dry ice-Amazing Chemical Reactions

7.Sodium acetate

Sodium acetate is cool because of the way it becomes a solid as you pour it out. This means you can get all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes going on, so perhaps this should be seen as being one of the best chemicals that you can possibly play with.

Sodium acetate-Amazing Chemical Reactions

8.Oscillating clock

This is cool because it involves a number of chemicals mixed together, but the smart part is how they change color over the course of a few minutes. They start off clear, then the become amber, and then finally they make it to blue and you just sit and watch in amazement at it.

Oscillating clock-Amazing Chemical Reactions

9.Thermite and ice

As you can see, when you mix thermite with ice you get a rather cool explosion going on This is actually something that appeared on Mythbusters and they proved that it does indeed work as this image shows.

Thermite and ice-Amazing Chemical Reactions

10.Sodium polyacrylate

Get this chemical with water and what you have is instant snow. It is actually quite cool to watch as it spills out of the top of the beaker and tumbles over the side and it is also quite harmless, so you do not have to stress about giving it a go.

Sodium polyacrylate-Amazing Chemical Reactions

11.Water & liquid nitrogen

When you mix these two together you get an explosion of thick smoke that could allow you to just slip away un-noticed. The gas is not dangerous, so you have no need to worry about that, but the way in which the smoke appears is certainly cool.

Water & liquid nitrogen-Amazing Chemical Reactions

12.Aluminum and bromine

When you mix these two together you get something that resembles a volcano erupting and lava spewing out. You have to admit that this is pretty impressive looking, but of course you need to know what you are doing and to be prepared to stand well back.

Aluminum and bromine-Amazing Chemical Reactions



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