12 Amazing Pokemon Cosplays Ever

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 11:59 am
By:Mike Litzler

Pokémon is one of the most popular media franchises. From games to TV shows, everything that's related to Pokémon is extremely popular. Pokémon is one of the very few media franchises that are popular in almost all parts of the world. Admit it; we all grew up playing Pokémon games and watching the anime shows. So what else can be a better choice than a Pokémon for a cosplay event? 
A costume is all about its power to attract people's attention. Of course, people notice you when you are the only person with a costume, but to stand out at a cosplay event, you need to look very, very, special and unique. 
Why Pokémon characters make better cosplay ideas? Firstly, there are many Pokémon to get inspiration from; approximately 721 of them to choose from. At least 30 to 50 of them are very popular. Secondly, Pokémon costumes are very easy to make. You don't need to invest significant time or money making a costume. Check these 12 amazing Pokémon cosplays to see how good they are, and understand how easy they can be to make.  
1.Metapod Costume

Metapod is a bug Pokémon, which has Pokedex number 011. It will ultimately evolve into Butterfree. The earlier form of Metapod is Caterpie. Metapods hardly move. They live inside the hard shells until they evolve into Butterfrees. The Metapod Pokémon is known for its gigantic eyes that look drowsy, sad, and angry for unknown reasons. 
Is it Metapod in the picture? If yes then what went wrong with the lower body part of Metapod? Did this Metapod grow a strange pair of legs? Jokes aside, we just like this cosplayer for designing such a brilliant and entertaining costume of Metapod. It is really amazing how this cosplayer managed to get the 'angry eyes' of Metapod on this costume! 

Metapod Costume-12 Amazing Pokemon Cosplays Ever

2.Psyduck Cosplay

Psyduck is a Water-type Pokémon, which evolves into Golduck at level 33. Psyduck is one of the most adorable Pokémon. It resembles a duck, and its name pretty much confirms that it is indeed a duck. However, Psyduck also displays features of a platypus. Psyducks are frequently bothered by their headaches. 
Who doesn't remember the adorable Psyduck? This cosplayer rocked the lovable Psyduck cosplay, and he is also making the signature move of confused Psyduck. This cosplayer retained the simplicity and cuteness of Psyduck. We can hear the Psyduck noise in our head!

Psyduck Cosplay-12 Amazing Pokemon Cosplays Ever

3.Best Eevee Cosplay

It is one of my favorite Pokemon from the Pokemon series. So there is a girl wearing cosplay of Eevee who is a domestic Pokemon and you can see how much domestic this girl is looking. I think she forgot what the word "domestic "really means, joke apart, it is one of the best Pokemon cosplay seriously.

Best Eevee Cosplay-12 Amazing Pokemon Cosplays Ever

4.Squirtle Cosplay

Squirtle is a Water-type Pokémon. It is small, and looks cute. Squirtle evolves into Wartortle at level 16, and a more powerful Blastoise at level 36. Squirtle is a little yet powerful creature. It is also one of the most popular Pokémon. Its Pokedex number is 007. 
This Asian girl in Squirtle costume looks cute. There's nothing really fancy about the costume, though. It has a nice blue-colored gown, and then there is a backpack (?) that looks like the outer shell of Squirtle. The moment you see the lady, you will instantly recognize that she is wearing Squirtle's costume. 

Squirtle Cosplay-12 Amazing Pokemon Cosplays Ever

5.Amazing Jolteon Costume

Jolteon is another interesting Pokémon. It is one of the eight forms of Eevee. Jolteon is a yellow-colored quadruped with a distinctive white ruff around its neck. Jolteon is an Electric-type Pokémon. Its Pokedex number is 135. 
This Jolteon costume looks good, although many people may not recognize it right away. The white ruff around the neck and fringy tail are the two distinct features of Jolteon, which apparently are missing in the costume. The only impressive Joelton feature that we can see in the costume is the large and pointed ears. 

Amazing Jolteon Costume-12 Amazing Pokemon Cosplays Ever

6.Empoleon costume

The Pokemon cosplay of this guy is very close to the original Empoleon. Designer did a perfect job in designing this cosplay. I guess this guy should wear his cap too so that we can have a perfect view of this cosplay. But he ruined the efforts of designer to make it a best cosplay by wearing this cosplay with his business suit.

Empoleon costume-12 Amazing Pokemon Cosplays Ever

7.Arcanine Cosplay

Arcanine is a Fire-type Pokémon. It is a quadruped canine Pokémon. Arcanine has a distinct orange-colored pelt and black stripes. It also has beige-colored fur on its head and legs. The Pokémon is known for its speed. It can run 6,200 miles in an hour. Arcanine is a loyal Pokémon. 
This is the most unusual Pokémon costume we have seen so far. Well, there's a human inside the costume! The costume, however, looks there is a big dog inside the costume! Everything is great about the costume except the fact that the Arcanine has black eyes and diamond-shaped ears. It is still an excellent costume, though. 

Arcanine Cosplay-12 Amazing Pokemon Cosplays Ever

8.Best Mew Cosplay

Mew is another small and cute Pokémon. It is a Psychic-type mythical creature. It is one of the most unusual Pokémon, as it can evolve into any other Pokémon.  Mew is a member of Mew Duo along with MewTwo. Mew is a furless bipedal creature with a pink-colored body. 
This girl in the Mew costume looks pretty. It isn't really a full costume though. It's a Mew-inspired outfit with a few accessories to support it. Mew has distinctive blue eyes. But her entire body including ears look pink in color. The designer could have taken a little more interest to make the costume look even more accurate.

Best Mew Cosplay-12 Amazing Pokemon Cosplays Ever

9.Arceus Costume

Arceus is a 4th generation Pokémon. It was first introduced in 2009. Its Pokedex number is 493. Arceus is a multi-type mythical creature that looks like a centaur. It is one of the most weird-looking Pokémon. According to Pokémon mythology, Arceus is the one that shaped the world with its 1000 arms. The Pokémon was born even before the universe existed. 
As you can see from the picture, the girl was wearing Arceus costume. Arceus has complicated looks with the golden body-wheel and hooves. Obviously, it is little difficult to make Arceus costume but the girl in the picture managed to do it anyway. The costume is indeed amazing. Isn't the girl looking like Lady Gaga? 

Arceus Costume-12 Amazing Pokemon Cosplays Ever

10.Mewtwo Costume

MewTwo is one of the most popular Pokémon. It is an artificial Pokémon. MewTwo is primarily a bipedal humanoid creature but also displays physical traits of a cat.  Its Pokedex number is 150. MewTwo was born as a result of a horrific gene-splicing experiment. 
The MewTwo costume in the picture looks good. It's accurate, and closely depicting the Pokémon. One doesn't need to spend too much money to make this dress, but it certainly takes a lot of time to do it. That ID card looks interesting as well! 

Mewtwo Costume-12 Amazing Pokemon Cosplays Ever

11.Pikachu Costume

Pikachu is one of the cutest and most loved Pokémon. It is also one of the cutest anime characters ever. Pikachu is considered to be the mascot of Pokémon. It is also one of the famous mascots of Nintendo. The yellowish rodent Pokémon is one of the top costume choices for many cosplay enthusiasts.
Jessica Nigri is an amazing cosplayer, and we guess Pikachu finally got his lady love! This Pikachu Pokémon cosplay looks fantastic on her. Well, this isn't completely a Pikachu costume, but kind of a Pikachu-inspired outfit. Nonetheless, the outfit looks too good, and we guess many people couldn't take their eyes off her!

Pikachu Costume-12 Amazing Pokemon Cosplays Ever

12.Charizard pokemon costume

I can understand what charizard Pokemon would feel after looking at this girl who wore its costume. As a regular viewer of Pokemon series I guess this girl tried her level best but because of her cuteness she can't look like a charizard Pokemon. If a boy will wear this cosplay he can look like that Pokemon.

Charizard pokemon costume-12 Amazing Pokemon Cosplays Ever

13.Exeggutor Costume

Exeggutor is a dual-type grass/psychic Pokémon. Its head resembles a coconut and pineapple tree. Exeggutor's body resembles a tree trunk. This Pokémon majorly appeared in three episodes. This cosplay is not at all that easy to make, as one has to figure out a way to create a couple of extra heads. For this guy, balloons did the trick!

Exeggutor Costume-12 Amazing Pokemon Cosplays Ever

14.Butterfree Costume

Butterfree is an anthropomorphic butterfly which appeared in many Pokémon episodes. Red eyes, white-colored wings, and purple body distinguish Butterfrees from other insect/bug Pokémon. As you can see from the picture, the costume may not require great effort to sew or make. 

Butterfree Costume -12 Amazing Pokemon Cosplays Ever


Snorlax is one of the most popular Pokémon. A Snorlax-inspired costume looks great, but you got to be a little fat to make it look attractive. The Snorlax costume you see in the picture looks impressive. 

Snorlax-12 Amazing Pokemon Cosplays Ever



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