Amazing Lofts For Adults

Monday, Jul 4, 2022, 3:42 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Garden View

This elegant loft gives the feeling of being in a garden or by a river. With mural art on the walls, and a sheen on the green floor, the loft bed sits high above with a great vidw. Accessible by ladder, it's a great little getaway for sleeping, reading or watching television.

Garden View-Amazing Lofts For Adults

2.High Above It All

This loft bed sits high above the living room providing extra space to a studio, or small apartment. A whole new layout, makes this space into room in, and of, itself, with separate bedroom for sleeping. The open loft provides a great visual of warmth and charm, while separating it from the rest of the apartment.

High Above It All-Amazing Lofts For Adults


This cozy, all in one, loft bed stacked above a comfortable couch, makes this a great way to save space in a small apartment, or studio. Creating an extra bedroom, so to speak, the decorative stairs take you up to slumber time, after lounging on the couch to watch tv or a read a book.

Stacked-Amazing Lofts For Adults

4.Secret Spaces

Two rooms turn into three, when ceiling space is used as sleeping quarters. This loft is tucked away in the alcove, leaving the whole room for entertaining guests, or just hanging out. Decorative, this loft bed idea, adds style and pizzazz to the room, and is a great hideaway when it's time for bed.

Secret Spaces-Amazing Lofts For Adults

5.All Aboard

These cool and ultra modern loft beds, complete with ladder and privacy curtain, have the feel of being on an overnight train ride. A great way to create private sleeping quarters for house guests. Draws underneath are great for unpacking, and/or storing valuables, while shelves provide excellent space for books, phones, and other gadgets.

All Aboard-Amazing Lofts For Adults

6.Lofty Ambitions

This modern loft bed doubles as a home office, with a closet underneath. A little combo pack that takes up far less space, than having them laid out linearly in a small room. An extra cozy place to sleep, do some work on the computer, or read a book. Lots of extra space in the rest of the room.

Lofty Ambitions-Amazing Lofts For Adults

7.Hanging Around

Small bedroom? Not anymore with this hanging loft bed. Suspended from the ceiling, there are no structures to clutter up the room. It's as if the bed isn't even in the room ... unless you look up. A great way to turn a bedroom into a living room, or a studio into a two bedroom.

Hanging Around-Amazing Lofts For Adults


A classy way to make a small space bigger, with more flow. This cozy loft bed has rails, opening up the room further. Once a bedroom, now a living room for entertaining. The bed is tucked away on the loft, ready for a night time snooze, or day time nap.

classy-Amazing Lofts For Adults


It's not a magic trick. These beds are actually floating in the air, making room for other beds, or just giving more floor space to the room. Fit as many as you can into one great guest room. Great for adults, these beds are suspended by ropes from the ceiling.

Floaters-Amazing Lofts For Adults

10.Tree House

This loft gives the room back it's floor space, while creating a cozy alcove underneath. Decorated with lights and plants, the loft adds richness to the room, while separating it off into sections. A bedroom and living room all in one, making it perfect for studios and open floor plans.

Tree House-Amazing Lofts For Adults

11.Narrow Escape

Lofts make the most of a small space and add a bit of modern flare to any room. Lifting the bed, allows room for a couch, desk, or even a closet. A great way to turn a ho-hum space into a cozy and inviting place. A great idea for studios.

Narrow Escape-Amazing Lofts For Adults

12.Double Decker

This double set of loft beds is great for a guest room. If you've ever loved bunk beds as a kid, you'll love the cozy feel of these beds. Do you love the safety of the bottom, or the thrill of the top? House guests love either location as they drift off to sleep.

Double Decker-Amazing Lofts For Adults



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