Amazing Elevators

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 5:50 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Globe Arena

This elevator is in Stockholm and as you can see it is not only the elevator itself that is amazing, but also the fact that it goes on the outside of the globe rather than the inside, so the views you get are stunning. Ok you need to be fine with heights as it could get a bit freaky for you, but as long as you can cope with it, then this should be a rather superb experience.

Globe Arena-Amazing Elevators

2.The pod

This pod like elevator is actually at the Mercedes museum and it is strange in that it looks like how people in the 60s envisioned the future. Yes it looks like a metal pod, but it is cool in its own way and for some strange reason you would just know that it was German by looking at it.

The pod-Amazing Elevators


These elevators look more like they are in a theatre rather than anything else and they are undoubtedly some of the classiest examples you are likely to find online. They are so perfectly designed in every conceivable way and you will ultimately need to stand outside just watching them move in order to fully appreciate their beauty.

Schindler-Amazing Elevators


Ok so this is also a piece of advertising on a pretty plain elevator, but at the same time it is still very different to what you will see elsewhere. The way that this car simply takes off is rather cool and you just know that it is going to be fun stepping inside your very own convertible sports car.

Car-Amazing Elevators


Believe it or not, but that water based thing in the middle has an elevator inside it and how cool is that going to be as you move through the water? This has to be one of the most spectacular elevators anywhere in the world and it has to be unique because how many gives you an underwater experience at the same time?

Aquadom-Amazing Elevators

6.Coca cola

Is this elevator one of the best pieces of marketing that you have ever seen? How amazing would it be to climb inside a giant can of Coke and be taken to a new floor? Ok so emerging from it would be a bit strange, but that is fine because at least you have had a cool experience in the first place.

Coca cola-Amazing Elevators

7.Home elevator

In order to be a bit different how about this for a home elevator? OK you need to have quite a special place to actually need your very own elevator, but it looks stylish in every conceivable way and how cool is it to have one in the first place?

Home elevator-Amazing Elevators


How amazing are these elevators to look at? They are at Fairmont-le-chateau-Frontenac and they do have that certain style and class about them. It must be an absolute pleasure to actually have a go on one of these elevators as you would feel the need to be absolutely graceful when using it.

Fairmont-Amazing Elevators


Yes the base of these elevators in Fort Lauderdale do indeed look like an upturned umbrella, but how amazing are they to look at? This is something that you would just want to have a ride in to simply experience them and the good news is that the rest of the building does at least tie in with the overall style.

Umbrellas-Amazing Elevators


How about this for an elevator with a difference? Yes it is an elevator that takes you right up the side of this mountain and imagine the views you would get from inside. This is going to be a trip that you will never forget, but you do need a real head for heights before you even think about stepping inside.

Bailong-Amazing Elevators

11.Smith Tower

This is the good old fashioned style elevator with the sliding door at the front and the shiny mechanisms clear for all to see. This is so traditional that it does make it an exceptional example and it is worth going into the Smith Tower in order to just experience it all for yourself.

Smith Tower-Amazing Elevators


The best part about these elevators is the sheer scale of them and the way that they just vanish into those black holes at the top. They are long, they are elegant, and ultimately they are pretty cool when you see how they tie in with the rest of the building.

Sparks-Amazing Elevators



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