Amazing Abandoned Mega Structures

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021, 3:11 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Abandoned Maunsell Sea Forts -

An advance lie of defense forts were built during World War II by the British Royal Navy. These sea forts still stand today and are abandoned in the North Sea not far from the coast of eastern England. Standing as monuments for maritime explorers, they are a historical portrayal of how the country protected itself against air raids.

Abandoned Maunsell Sea Forts --Amazing Abandoned Mega Structures

2.Hashima Island - Japan

Located nine miles off the coast of Japan, in the East China Sea, this island attracted miners from Nagasaki when coal was found on the sea floor. Ferried over every day, the company made the decision to build houses for the miners to live in with their families, instead of commuting over every day. Multi-story apartments were built and five thousand people moved in, making it the most densely inhabited place on earth. When the coat ran out in 1974, the workers and family left quickly.

Hashima Island - Japan-Amazing Abandoned Mega Structures

3.The Ryugyong - North Korea

To symbolize progress for North Korea and attract western investors, the Ryugyong Hotel was built in 1987. It was forecasted to be taller than any other bulding in the world, intended to be completed in 1989, for 13th World Festival of Youth and students. However, by 1992 building ceased when problems drove the cost to over $750 million.

The Ryugyong - North Korea-Amazing Abandoned Mega Structures


4.Centro Financiero Confinanzas - Venezuela

The eighth tallest building in Latin America, this building stands 45 stories high in the financial district of Caracas, Venezuela. It became a vertical slum to over seven hundred families in 2007, after construction was halted in 1993 due to the Venezuelan banking crisis. With amazing views of the city, the structure is not completed, but serves as home to these people who sought out a new life.

Centro Financiero Confinanzas - Venezuela-Amazing Abandoned Mega Structures

5.Sci Fi Structure - Yugoslavia

Commemorating the sites where WWII battles took place, as well as the location of concentration camps, these sci fi designs were made by two difference sculptors, Dusan Dzamonja, Vojin Bakic, Miodrag Zivkovic, Jordan and Iskra Grbul, and more. Tourists in the millions visited these monuments in the 1980's, but the structures were abandoned in the early 1990's after the Republic dissolved.

Sci Fi Structure - Yugoslavia-Amazing Abandoned Mega Structures

6.City Hall Subway Station - New York City

Perfectly preserved un the streets of New York City, the City Hall Subway Station began running over one hundred years ago. It was shut over sixty eight years ago in 1945, and has remained untouched since them. Each year, once a year, there is a public exhibition on it's anniversary open to the general public.

City Hall Subway Station - New York City-Amazing Abandoned Mega Structures

7.Biggest Mall - China

Opening in 2005, the New /south China Mall accomodated 2,350 stores in Guangdont Providence. The largest shopping center in the world, it was twice the size of Mall of America. Beautifully decorated with hundreds of palm trees and a giant Egyptian Sphinx, as well as gondolas on canals, this mall never got off the ground.

Biggest Mall - China-Amazing Abandoned Mega Structures

8.Beelitz Military Hospital - Berlin

Seemingly the most well preserved and beautiful abandoned properties of them all, the Beelitz Military Hostpial in Berlin is in great condition. Strange that it gives off any beauty though as it once healed a young injured soldier named, Adolph Hitler during World War I. Oddly enough, there are no marks of vandalism on this structure.

Beelitz Military Hospital - Berlin-Amazing Abandoned Mega Structures

9.Battersea Power Station - England

The Battlesea Power Station was a coal-fired power station along the south bank of the River Thames. Built in the 1930's, the station shut down in 1983, but has become a landmark in London. The Beatles shot their 196 move, Help!, there and it also served as the cover art for Pink floyd's album, Animal, in 1977.

Battersea Power Station - England-Amazing Abandoned Mega Structures

10.Abandoned Park - China

Twenty miles northwest of Beijing, in Chenzhuang Village, sits a partially build amusement park. Wonderland was projected to be the largest amusement park in Asia, but construction halted in 1998 after farmers and the local government couldn't come to terms, leaving this abandoned structure that is a draw for photographers.

Abandoned Park - China-Amazing Abandoned Mega Structures

11.Sanzhi Pod - Taiwan

These futuristic pods line the coastline of Northern Taiwan. Sanzhi Pod Village used to be a luxury vacation spot, and no one really knowns what happened to it. Sitting on the outskirts of Taipei, it was built to serve as an escape for wealthy socialites, but it has been said that mysterious deaths halted construction.

Sanzhi Pod - Taiwan-Amazing Abandoned Mega Structures

12.Abandoned Submarine Base - Ukraine

The Soviet Army had a submarine base on the northern shores of the Black Sea during the Cold War. The abandoned structure sits in the town of Balaklava, Ukrain today, and is a tourist attraction, but also of interest to locals. These submarines were used for covert underwater operations.

Abandoned Submarine Base - Ukraine-Amazing Abandoned Mega Structures



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