12 Smart And Witty Replies To Written Notes

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 7:21 am
By:Tony Williams

We often see notes glued here and there in the home or office. They often have instructions, warnings, or alerts written on them. In most cases, such notes are uninteresting. Some of them annoy us too. While most of us just read the message and ignore the note, some notorious people can’t stop themselves from giving a hilarious and fitting reply to them. Read out these 12 smart and funny replies to notes that are very rare and interesting. We are sure after reading these replies, you will want to write some witty retorts to notes you stumble upon!   
1.Startled Door

Nothing worse than alarmed door. Something must have scared it, but it can't run away. It has to stay there and keep intruders out. Maybe that's who alarmed it. An intruder. The note is funny asking what startled it. Surely many people got a chuckle when they came upon the door.

Startled Door-12 Smart And Witty Replies To Written Notes

2.Comic Sans Fail

Comic Sans is a fun font to use for casual things and in casual environments. It is meant to look like comic book writing or even your own hand printing. However, since this is a Fortune 500 company, maybe it doesn't garner respect since that the note is written with a childish font.

Comic Sans Fail-12 Smart And Witty Replies To Written Notes

3.Employees Must Wash Hands

Another great take on words. When written in a certain way the meaning is entirely different. This note is telling employees that they must wash their hands, but if you read it the way some people do, it can be misconstrued to mean that employees must wash your hands, and who wants that. This is one of those hilarious office jokes and pranks we see now and then at our workspace.

Employees Must Wash Hands-12 Smart And Witty Replies To Written Notes

4.Plant Molester

How does one molest a plant? And if so, how does the plant tell anyone? The person who responded is hysterical by saying how good it felt. Sometimes people just need a jolt to wake up and realize that their notes are crazy. People can go kind of overboard with their note posting.

Plant Molester-12 Smart And Witty Replies To Written Notes

5.Away In The Manger

If you're in management and you decide to post a note, do a spell check first. If you don't have spell check, proof read your own work. At least give it a once over. Nothing is worse than a firm note with a misspelled word. Oh wait there is. A note with your title misspelled.

Away In The Manger-12 Smart And Witty Replies To Written Notes

6.Milk Cartons On The Refrigerator Door

Sometimes people are annoying with the notes they post. It seems this person doesn't want milk cartons to be put inside the refrigerator on the door, but that's not really what they said. This leaves it open for interpretation, and rightly so, someone taped a milk carton to the refrigerator door.

Milk Cartons On The Refrigerator Door-12 Smart And Witty Replies To Written Notes

7.No Poo In The Toilet

Many of us have seen this ridiculous note, but it makes no sense. We know what it means because we read between the lines, but the person who wrote on the wall is correct. If we only put toilet tissue down the toilet, what about the poo? Where do we put that, in your office?

No Poo In The Toilet-12 Smart And Witty Replies To Written Notes

8.Note From Mother Earth

This is a really funny response to someone who tried to call out the so called "Enviro People," but was dead wrong. Great to have someone like that called out for the ridiculousness of their message. How can paper not be recyclable, and why are they so against it in the first place?

Note From Mother Earth-12 Smart And Witty Replies To Written Notes

9.One Ring To Rule Them All

Hilarious response to this note. It's hard not to think of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy whenever a ring is mentioned, especially a lost ring. This responder got it right in a very funny way. Surely the poster of the note got a chuckle out of it, even if it wasn't someone who actually found the ring.

One Ring To Rule Them All-12 Smart And Witty Replies To Written Notes

10.Society Is Always Right

It's always funny when someone tries to be cool and write something witty, but then they are technically wrong. Here we have a guy named Dan trying to screw "the man," meaning society, by writing on a wall, and it appears that society writes back to let him know that he wrote on a door instead.

Society Is Always Right-12 Smart And Witty Replies To Written Notes

11.Don't Eat In The Freezer

When writing notes, we often write them fast and without punctuation. It's funny how that can change the entire meaning of a sentence. In this note by Brenda, she is clearly telling people not to eat ice cream while they are in the freezer. The post it note is hilarious as it lets them know they choose to eat the ice cream in the kitchen. While we are on the topic of written Notes, Check out these hilarious notes left by one neighbor to another.

Don't Eat In The Freezer-12 Smart And Witty Replies To Written Notes

12.Expired Yogurt

Sometimes a note just makes no sense so it's funny when someone adds to the note to answer it. In this case, someone wants to know what to do with yogurt that is almost a month expired. The answer should be self explanatory, so it's a good thing a friend helped them out with the answer.

Expired Yogurt-12 Smart And Witty Replies To Written Notes



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