12 Smart And Witty Replies To Written Notes

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 7:21 am
By:Tony Williams

We often see notes glued here and there in the home or office. They often have instructions, warnings, or alerts written on them. In most cases, such notes are uninteresting. Some of them annoy us too. While most of us just read the message and ignore the note, some notorious people can’t stop themselves from giving a hilarious and fitting reply to them. Read out these 12 smart and funny replies to notes that are very rare and interesting. We are sure after reading these replies, you will want to write some witty retorts to notes you stumble upon!   

#7 Milk Cartons On The Refrigerator Door

Sometimes people are annoying with the notes they post. It seems this person doesn't want milk cartons to be put inside the refrigerator on the door, but that's not really what they said. This leaves it open for interpretation, and rightly so, someone taped a milk carton to the refrigerator door.

Milk Cartons On The Refrigerator Door-12 Smart And Witty Replies To Written Notes