Top Ways To Make Someone Smile

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 8:04 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Tell Them You Love Them

Telling someone that you love them is a sure fire way to get a smile. All too often those three little words go unspoken, thinking that the object of our affection already knows, but it's great to hear. Those words fill our hearts and make us know just what we mean to someone.

Tell Them You Love Them-Top Ways To Make Someone Smile

2.Put Their Needs Before Yours

Putting someone's needs before your is the best way to get a smile. Everyone is busy there days and so if you put your own stuff aside for a moment to lend a helping hand to a friend it will be great appreciated. Take time out of your day to make sure friends and loved ones are okay, offer to buy food for those less fortunate, do some errands, or give someone a ride.

Put Their Needs Before Yours-Top Ways To Make Someone Smile

3.Really Listen

When you lending an ear, really listen. Don't just sit there with a blank look, and don't offer to fix it either. Just really listen to what they are saying, taking it in and understanding what they are going for. That is what people really want. They want to be heard.

Really Listen-Top Ways To Make Someone Smile

4.Throw A Surprise Party

Throw a surprise party for someone and watch them smile. Everyone likes to be surprised, and even more so, they like that you were thinking of them. Call all their friends, and even some surprise people they haven't seen for a while. When they walk into the room, their face will be priceless.

Throw A Surprise Party-Top Ways To Make Someone Smile

5.Call For No Reason

Call someone for no reason. Don't ask for anything. Just give your time and energy to someone who would love to hear from you. Often your mother is the last person you call and the one you call with problems or looking for help. Call for no reason to put a smile on her face.

Call For No Reason-Top Ways To Make Someone Smile

6.Treat For Dinner

Treat someone to dinner when they least expect it. A little gesture like that tells someone that they mean something to you. It's a great way to show appreciation, thanks, or love for someone by treating them to a special meal. Pick up the check and refuse to let them contribute.

Treat For Dinner-Top Ways To Make Someone Smile

7.Be Encouraging

Encourage someone. Often times things go unspoken and things are taken for granted. Encourage someone who is facing a challenge, attempting to do something for the first time, or who is not feeling well. They will appreciate the gesture more than you know, and a big smile will be coming your way.

Be Encouraging-Top Ways To Make Someone Smile

8.Write A Thank You Note

In this digital age it's easy to drop a note of thanks to someone. Even better is an old fashioned card, but either way, share some thanks and appreciation. You're sure to get a smile for acknowledging someone for something they did, or even just for being the person that they are.

Write A Thank You Note-Top Ways To Make Someone Smile

9.Do A Favor

Do someone a favor and watch the smile that comes over their face. Sometimes people are overburdened with work or a task and a helping hand really makes their day. Offer your help if you have the time to spare or the muscle to add to the job. They will really appreciate it.

Do A Favor-Top Ways To Make Someone Smile

10.Share A Funny Story

Telling a funny story is sure to get a smile, if not a belly laugh. Laughing is the best medicine and you should laugh every day for good health. It reduces stress and makes you feel good. Share a laugh with someone and you'll laugh even harder. A smile is the best medicine.

Share A Funny Story-Top Ways To Make Someone Smile

11.Leave A Great Tip

Remember that waiters and bartenders work on tips. It's a hard job that can be overwhelming at times, dealing with the public and their whims. Leaving a great tip can brighten their day and reward them for a job well done. It's a great way to get put a smile on their face.

Leave A Great Tip-Top Ways To Make Someone Smile

12.Say Kind Things

A kind word can go a long way in making someone's day. Say something nice to make someone smile and it will make you smile as well. Share you good feelings by paying it forward. Compliment someone for their hairstyle, their clothing, a job well done, or just for being in your life.

Say Kind Things-Top Ways To Make Someone Smile



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