15 Teachers And Their Epic Facebook Fails

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 8:48 am
By:James Fraser

Teachers are cool, man. They are smart, understanding, and caring. We must thank them for teaching us a lot of things, and help us to shape our careers. Whoa, whoa, whoa - wait a minute! Did we just sound like we love teachers a lot? Well, of course, we do. But only the good ones. Let's talk about the bad ones or the dumb type. Sadly, bad teachers are everywhere, and the chances are high that you may personally know one too. Look at these 15 teachers who were failing badly on Facebook! Their epic Facebook fails are too hilarious not to laugh at!
13.Nice Dress There, But...

Read what that student said after watching his or her teacher in a never-seen-before outfit, for the first time! Things went a little awkward there. We all have our personal lives, and we enjoy every bit of it. What is also important is that we should not open up our personal lives in front of people, who are not supposed to know it.

Nice Dress There, But...-15 Teachers And Their Epic Facebook Fails

14.A Teacher Who Teaches Kindergarten Students in a College

Everything here is confusing. She got everything wrong there in her status message. That brutal honest reply in the comments sums up the situation well. We hope she was not employed to teach English. This can be yet another case of a non-English speaker who was trying to speak or write something in English.

A Teacher Who Teaches Kindergarten Students in a College-15 Teachers And Their Epic Facebook Fails

15.Epic Math Teacher Fail

It can't be a zero! The right answer for the math problem is 15. The zero there only multiplies with 5, not the entire set of digits. The answer would be zero only if all the digits there except zero were inside a parenthesis, multiplied by a zero. This teacher got her calculation terribly wrong. Unfortunately, she even misguided her students on this.

Epic Math Teacher Fail-15 Teachers And Their Epic Facebook Fails