12 Hilarious Work Memes That Will Make Your Day

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 1:34 pm
By:James Fraser

An office is a like a second home for most of us, as we spend one-third of a day there working or pretending to work! It is a place where people with completely different personalities and opposing views work toward achieving one goal, which is helping their boss make money. A workplace is like a tiny country! There are good employees, and then there are jerks. Some people work incredibly hard, and others are as lazy as sloths. We all know how an office works, don't we? Now, check these 12 hilarious memes about work that every employee can relate!
1.This Hilarious Michael Scott Meme

"When someone asks if they can fax me something: Fax? Why don't you just send it over on a dinosaur?" 
This meme is a quote from the famous NBC comedy series, "The Office." Employees who work directly with clients often deal with computer-illiterates, and boy, they can be very, very, annoying! Steve Carell's facial expression sums up what it feels like dealing with such people.

This Hilarious Michael Scott Meme-12 Hilarious Work Memes That Will Make Your Day

2.Get Paid To Poop?!

"When you hate your job, so you just go to the bathroom and sit there likeā€¦" 
If someone's wasting time sitting on office toilet, perhaps they hate their life more than they hate their job! Who in the world spends time in a bathroom, breathing in all the nasty germs there! Disgusting, right? Such person should either find a job they may like or work toward solving personal problems that are interfering with their professional life. This way, they are just wasting their own life as well as their employer's resources.

Get Paid To Poop?!-12 Hilarious Work Memes That Will Make Your Day

3.Work Ethics!

"When there's a deep rage burning inside you but you gotta act nice cause you are at work." 
You don't need to act nice at work. Many human resource experts say that a person shouldn't present a fake personality to their coworkers. Arguments are common at a workplace, and the best one can do in such situations is to be a sensible person and to find ways to diffuse those heated discussions. Expressing displeasure over something you don't like may help you get it cleared. Hiding your rage under a fake smile does no good for anyone in the office. 

Work Ethics!-12 Hilarious Work Memes That Will Make Your Day

4.How Your Supervisor Watches You At Work!

Most of us don't like supervisors consistently following up with us on work related things, but, hey, the primary role of a supervisor or a manager is supervising things! He or she is paid to do that, and what they do to you is nothing but part of their job responsibility. Just like how you are responsible for doing your work and reporting it to them, managers and supervisors are responsible for reporting what you have done to the officers above them. Some supervisors can be stubborn and turn this whole supervising thing into a creepy stalking routine, but most companies don't employ such creeps for critical roles.

How Your Supervisor Watches You At Work!-12 Hilarious Work Memes That Will Make Your Day

5.You're Poor!

Well, that is more than a good reason to get up early in the morning, take a shower, eat something, and go to work. Your job is your lifeline that you earned by putting some effort, so disrespecting it is disrespecting yourself! If you find going to work uninspiring, it is because you dislike your job. The ideal thing to do is to find a new job or try something else that your heart wants you to try. Remember, we live in a world with endless opportunities and possibilities, so all it needs to reach the shores of success is a little effort! 

You're Poor! -12 Hilarious Work Memes That Will Make Your Day

6.The Main Reason Why Employees Dislike Their Employers

Many employers don't prefer giving substantial or frequent raises to their employees not because they don't have money, but because they need to balance many internal things such as ensuring the salary they pay to employees is in accordance with the overall growth of the company. Many employees, on the other hand, don't care about the financial status of the company or business they are working for. All they count is their effort, which isn't a wrong thing either. Everyone is for themselves in this world, hence, as long as the world exists, employers and employees keep arguing over raises! 

The Main Reason Why Employees Dislike Their Employers-12 Hilarious Work Memes That Will Make Your Day

7.This Sucks!

If you are the smartest person in your office, the chances are high your boss takes your suggestions on many things from hiring new people to devising new growth strategies. On the downside, you may have to be a little more responsible than the other employees in the office. You may need to perform the tasks of the other employees as well. The worst part is that the rest of the office doesn't like you, and they simply see you as a snitch! In most cases, your hard work doesn't help you gain any monetary rewards.

This Sucks!-12 Hilarious Work Memes That Will Make Your Day


8.This Hilarious Office Conversation

Boss to an employee: Do you believe in life after death?
Employee: Certainly, not! There is no proof it.
Boss: Well, there is proof now. After you had left early yesterday to go to your uncle's funeral, he came here looking for you! 
That is clearly not a smart way to lie! If you need to use death as an excuse for missing the work, create a fictional family member and kill them! Remember all those characters you have created and the dates of their death, so you can answer your boss confidently when he questions about the death the next time. 

This Hilarious Office Conversation -12 Hilarious Work Memes That Will Make Your Day

9.The Kind Of Boss We All Hate

We live in a world where you can spot stupid people everywhere, even in entrepreneurship. Just because they are successful and making money, it doesn't mean all bosses are smart. Some of them are ignorant enough to piss off an average employee. This meme talks about one such boss who seems like he doesn't know how to make good use of his human resources. In some instances, employers intentionally act rude or ignorant just to send an employee they don't like out of their company.

The Kind Of Boss We All Hate -12 Hilarious Work Memes That Will Make Your Day


10.OK, Great!

That is one nice way to maintain good relations with coworkers, but as we said earlier, one doesn't need to act friendly at work. If you don't like something at work, talk to your boss or other employees and clear that up. Deliver the work exactly as asked by your boss or manager, and don't try to argue with them over what you need to do. Limit yourself to your role and don't get mad at bad or lazy coworkers. Perform your duties and report them to your boss or manager, and let them take care of everything else.

OK, Great!-12 Hilarious Work Memes That Will Make Your Day

11.So Bored At Work - Began Working

Obviously, the best way to kill time and boredom at the office is to work! Time flies when you are busy doing something. If you are someone who keeps checking your watch at work, you need to take this meme as an inspiration! If you still find your job boring, it means you are working at a wrong place. Perhaps you need a change in your life. Doing things that you don't like have serious effects on your mental health over an extended period. 

So Bored At Work - Began Working-12 Hilarious Work Memes That Will Make Your Day

12.Bosses And Managers Can Relate

If we were to note down all the things that offend people, the list would be long enough to reach the moon! Sadly, some people find it offending, disrespecting, and annoying when boss or manager tells them to do their work they are paid to do. Remember, employers have every right to tell you what you need to do. Unless they are mean and abusive, you shouldn't get offended when they ask you or remind you to do something.

Bosses And Managers Can Relate-12 Hilarious Work Memes That Will Make Your Day



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