12 Hilarious Sex Memes That Will Make You Lol

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 1:02 pm
By:James Fraser

God is very intelligent! He knew humans would be too indolent to reproduce, so he invented a bizarre biological ritual called sex to lure people into having kids! His invention has worked, and the life on Earth, especially the human race, has been thriving ever since like seaweed. We now roughly have approx 7 billion d*cks and p*ssies of various sizes, colors, and shapes in our world. Oh yes, that's a huge number! Stats aside, let's talk about sex now - sexual humor to be precise! Have a look at these 12 sex memes that are sure to crack you up! 
10.Guys With Overly Attached Girlfriends Understand

"I'm going to start a rumor that you have a small penis, so no one else will ever want you!"
If you are an overly attached girlfriend and want to spread girl-repelling rumors about your boyfriend, you tell everyone that your bf has herpes and he had given you STDs! This way you can ward off unwanted male attraction too. Guys, what do you think is the worst rumor? Small d*ck or STD?  

Guys With Overly Attached Girlfriends Understand-12 Hilarious Sex Memes That Will Make You Lol


Man, who cares if a girl fakes an orgasm? All her partner wanted is sex, and he got that! If a girl is faking an orgasm, perhaps she's not sharing her body with the best guy. A real man knows how to make his girl cum! So, stop complaining about girls and their fake orgasms! They are just trying to please their men. Getting back to the point - Most guys tell BS to girls to just to impress and have sex with them. 

Savage!-12 Hilarious Sex Memes That Will Make You Lol

12.Men Hate It

"You flip her over for doggy style, and she arches her back likeā€¦ So you look down like..." 
Not only does that pose look ugly, but it also gives little or no pleasure to a girl. She needs to point her ass as straight as she can while lowering her upper back and shoulders. The rule of thumb is that she should rest her upper body on her elbows, not wrists. On a positive note, if you find your girl positioning herself wrong all the time, it means she hasn't had much sex! Just show her a couple of Miley Cyrus's music videos, and she will understand how to pose for a doggy the right way! 

Men Hate It-12 Hilarious Sex Memes That Will Make You Lol