24 Movie Mistakes You Never Noticed

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 4:31 pm
By:Tony Williams

We all love watching movies, They are one of the best past time activities. Some movies are incredibly awesome in their story while some are really amazing in their actions, effects and thrills. Although we stick our eyes close to the screen when watching movies, often times we miss some very small details in our favorite movies. Wanna know what movie mistakes were present in your favorite movies? then check out these 24 mistakes ever made in popular movies.
1.Magic smash

Well this is certainly a magic smash mark because as soon as we get inside the car it moves to the side rather than being right in the middle. Clearly it felt bad about being in the driving line, so decided to move in order to make things easier.

Magic smash-24 Movie Mistakes You Never Noticed
2.Magic blood

Well this blood is certainly capable of doing more than just running down the hand because it can actually decrease itself and also vanish. That is impressive and he should be studied for medical science so we can get to the bottom of this phenomenon.

Magic blood-24 Movie Mistakes You Never Noticed

3.Magic wires

Well these are some magic wires because they manage to change their number and where they are all on their own. This is pretty impressive when you stop and think about it, but perhaps it would be better if the magic they performed was getting the kid better?

Magic wires-24 Movie Mistakes You Never Noticed

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