12 Hilarious Lesbian Memes That Are Sure To Make You Lol

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 11:51 am
By:James Fraser

We live in a diverse world. Gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, pansexuals, etc. - whoever they are, they have just chosen to be different when it comes to sexuality. Homosexuality is something that has existed since the dawn of humankind, so it isn't a weird sexual practice or a social culture made up by modern humans. Similarly, homophobia has existed for a long time. Being straight, gay, or even a homophobic is a personal choice. As long as we are not disrespectful or rude to others, it is perfectly fine to have a strong opinion on something. The world would be a perfect place if people coexisted peacefully without trying to prove each other wrong. Anyway, as we are here to discuss lesbian memes, let's talk only about lesbians! Following are some funny lesbian memes that are intended make you laugh. Have a look at them now!
4.A Real Lesbian!

This meme is real in some sense. As you know, a lot of women feel very horny when they are on their period. Most men, on the other hand, avoid sex during menstrual cycle because a lot of them usually have an aversion to the blood, stench, and everything else that is linked to it. Lesbian couples don't mind engaging in period sex because only a girl understands another girl's feelings better! Moreover, menstruation is something that girls deal with on a regular basis, so they are very well used to handling that, and it doesn't gross them out! The depiction of the meme is outrageous but funny, though! 

A Real Lesbian!-12 Hilarious Lesbian Memes That Are Sure To Make You Lol

5.This Butch!

As you may know, the dominating partner of a lesbian couple is often called a butch. Butch is the female equivalent of a boyfriend in a relationship, and she is required to take care of her girlfriend just like how a boyfriend does. Butch women often have short hair, and they dress and behave like guys. The other one in the couple is called a femme lesbian, and she is more or less same as a typical woman, but the only thing that differs her from the rest is her sexual attraction toward other girls. Apparently, a butch girl is being made fun of this meme. A lot of people hate butch women because they tend to hate men more than femme lesbians.

This Butch!-12 Hilarious Lesbian Memes That Are Sure To Make You Lol

6.Lesbian Struggles!

Lesbian girls know that they are not supposed to hit on straight girls, but a lot them still do that. Just as depicted in the meme, some girls get really uncomfortable and get annoyed when other girls stare at them. As they don't know that they are being seen by a lesbian chick that fell for their looks, they misperceive the situation! The popular opinion is that it's easy for a lesbian girl to tempt a straight girl and take her out on a date or have a one-night stand with her. The gay men, on the other hand, find it extremely difficult to flatter a straight male. 

Lesbian Struggles!-12 Hilarious Lesbian Memes That Are Sure To Make You Lol