12 Hilarious And Brutally Honest Advertisements

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 11:54 am
By:Tony Williams

Sadly, advertising has always been a blatant exaggeration of reality. In most cases, what you see on advertisements is not what you get when you buy stuff. They say never judge a book by its cover. We say never judge a product by an ad or a movie by its trailer! Brands and businesses tell a lot of lies to promote their products. Now, what if companies are honest about their products? How would advertising be like if there were stricter rules imposed on promoters that they should not take a hyperbolic approach to advertising? Check out these 12 hilarious and honest advertisements to get an idea!  Trust us; the pictures are actually hilarious, no false advertising here!
1.Coca Cola

Coca Cola should tell the truth about what's inside their cola. This add is only a half truth. Besides brown sugar water, there is caffeine and other chemical ingredients that erode the stomach. A soft drink that people think is all American, but is really just bad for you.

Coca Cola-12 Hilarious And Brutally Honest Advertisements

2.Life Of Pi Or Life Of CGI?

Life of Pi is a fantastic movie, but did you know all the ocean sequences in the movie were shot in a water tank? What we saw on the big screen is not even a pond! Guess what? The tiger in the film, Richard Parker, is fake too! The team used a real Bengal tiger to shoot no more than a couple of scenes. Many animals in the movie are computer-generated imagery as well. With the abundance of CGI effects in the film, the title Life of CGI is much more fitting than Life of Pi! Although many people complain that the animation work in the movie is poor, remember, Life of Pi won four Academy Awards including one in the Best Visual Effects segment.

Life Of Pi Or Life Of CGI?-12 Hilarious And Brutally Honest Advertisements

3.Ocean View Accomodations

The "just kidding" is hilarious. At first you think you are getting an ocean view, but as you look closer you realize it's a joke. If all hotels were this honest maybe we wouldn't need Yelp or any other review sites. It might be a nice world if we all were victims of a truth serum.

Ocean View Accomodations-12 Hilarious And Brutally Honest Advertisements

4.iPhone 5

If iPhone put this ad up, people would still buy their phones. First, if you read the ad fast, you might think its commending you for the sense you had to buy the phone, but beyond that, iPhone buyers are dedicated buyers. They are proud of the fact that they spend money on their phones.

iPhone 5-12 Hilarious And Brutally Honest Advertisements


An ad marketed to geeky guys who will do anything to get a girl. Everybody knows that women always fall for musicians, especially guitar players. Gibson plays up on this fact, turning adolescent boys into great shredders, so they can attract girls, even though they're skinny and geeky.

Gibson-12 Hilarious And Brutally Honest Advertisements


A passive aggressive ad letting you know that you can use them in your ears even though you're not supposed to. Trying to counteract all the doctor's advice about not using things deep in your ear canal, it seems most everyone does use a Q-tip. They are telling you it's okay.

Q-Tips-12 Hilarious And Brutally Honest Advertisements

7.V8 Ad

This is a very truthful ad, because there are people who think adding this healthy mix will make their alcoholic beverage much healthier. V8 wants you to drink it alone, but their hidden message is letting you know that you can also drink it with alcohol, just in case you didn't know.

V8 Ad-12 Hilarious And Brutally Honest Advertisements



This ad is going to capture almost any man who is up against a woman in any legal case. Basically, Siona is telling men that only a woman can defeat a woman in an argument, and she's the best one for the job. A very honest ad, but she probably doesn't have many female clients.

Lawyer-12 Hilarious And Brutally Honest Advertisements


A little bit rude, but probably truthful. Will it make people buy? Maybe so, because when those with acne, who also have no boyfriend, think about it, they may figure that Proactive will actually make all the difference. One just hopes that they are not disappointed when there is not a line of potential mates at their door after their acne is gone.

Proactiv-12 Hilarious And Brutally Honest Advertisements


10.Ice Cream

This shop's honesty might really drive customers into their shop. They might figure that if they tell people they have three sh!tty flavors, then people may think they are honest about the rest of their delicious flavors. Kind of a smart tactic on their behalf, and you have to wonder if people ask what their sh!tty flavors are.

Ice Cream-12 Hilarious And Brutally Honest Advertisements

11.Red Bull

An honest look at the effects of RedBull. It's a stimulant and appeals to those who go after the high. Comparing themselves to Adderall, is funny but all too true. People take Adderall as a recreational drug, and RedBull is a much safer alternative. Apparently it gives you the same energy.

Red Bull-12 Hilarious And Brutally Honest Advertisements


A hilariously honest ad ... from McDonald's point of view that is. Basically, they are letting you know its price in relation to a salad and that it tastes much better. Well, doesn't everybody know that? A more honest sign would be to say what the burgers are actually made of.

McDonald's-12 Hilarious And Brutally Honest Advertisements



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