12 Hilarious Gordon Ramsay Memes That Will Make You Cry

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 12:27 pm
By:James Fraser

Gordon Ramsay needs no special introduction, as he is one of the most famous chefs in the world. His famous TV shows like "Hell's Kitchen" and "MasterChef" have made him an iconic TV personality in the last ten years. He has a rather odd on-screen character that made many of his cooking shows an instant hit in the United States and the United Kingdom. Gordon Ramsay is a terrific source for the internet community to create funny memes on him, and here are 12 funny Gordon Ramsay memes for your viewing pleasure! 
4.This Controversial But Funny Meme

Gordon Ramsay seems very impolite on his shows, but there aren't really any moments when he targeted someone based on their race or ethnicity. Most people don't love or hate Gordon Ramsay, but a few groups keep criticizing him, calling him rude and sexist. He didn't say what you read on the meme; it was made up a by a random person on the internet. This meme is a mix of a black joke and a cooking insult. "You burnt the food, so black - It stole my bike."

This Controversial But Funny Meme-12 Hilarious Gordon Ramsay Memes That Will Make You Cry

5.The Fish Is So Raw

"The fish is so raw - It's still finding Nemo." Dealing with Ramsey is a terrible thing, peeps. On the one hand, Gordon Ramsey hates oil, and on the contrary, he doesn't like food that is undercooked. Hence, chefs need to be extremely careful with the quantity of oil they are using, so a dish comes out well. 

The Fish Is So Raw-12 Hilarious Gordon Ramsay Memes That Will Make You Cry

6.Why Did Chicken Cross The Road?

"Because you didn't f*cking cook it." This hilarious Gordon Ramsay meme makes you giggle instantly! It's just a meme created on the internet, though. He didn't really say that in episodes of his famous TV shows. It would have been amazing if we heard Ramsey saying this! This meme is really, really, hilarious, and it is making a lot of sense! We have so many answers for this "why did chicken cross the road" question, and now we can add one more to the very long list of available answers! 

Why Did Chicken Cross The Road?-12 Hilarious Gordon Ramsay Memes That Will Make You Cry