12 Hilarious Caught Staring Pictures Ever

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 7:11 am
By:Tony Williams

Most boys check out girls. It's something that is related to evolution, and men just can't help it. We don't think it's a bad thing unless it negatively progresses into stalking or catcalling. Though many girls don't straightaway agree, it is a fact that they check boys too! Checking out people is all fine until we get caught doing that! Guys staring at girls, girls looking at guys, girls staring at girls - here are 12 hilarious pictures that show people staring at others in a creepy or awkward way.
1.Boob Envy

It's not only guys who appreciate the female form. Women can, and do, admire other women's breasts. This woman can't keep her eyes off this other woman's  bouncy boobs and seems to be either envying what the woman has, or is turned on by what she sees right in front of her face. 

Boob Envy-12 Hilarious Caught Staring Pictures Ever

2.Say What?

The look on this guy's face is priceless. He is openly shocked at what is looking at, and loving every second of it. The female object of his stare is oblivious that she has a fan admiring her perfect curves. As long as he keeps his distance, he might get to keep his eyes their sockets.

Say What?-12 Hilarious Caught Staring Pictures Ever

3.Fresh Little Guy

This little guy is as cute as a button and can get away with anything with that face, and he knows it. However, he is not as innocent as he looks. He seems to be enjoying the view just like any other male. From babies to old men, there is one thing that is constant, the love of female breasts.

Fresh Little Guy-12 Hilarious Caught Staring Pictures Ever

4.Magnetic Trance

As if pulled by a magnet and stuck there, this guy cannot seem to pull his eyes away from this set of gigantic breasts. The smirk on the woman's face appears to say it all. "Yeah, you can look, but you can't touch," is what she must be thinking as she lets the poor guy picture it in his mind.

Magnetic Trance-12 Hilarious Caught Staring Pictures Ever

5.Starting Young

Man's obsession with breasts doesn't have an age limit. It seems once boys are old enough to talk, they are old enough to appreciate the female form. What once nurtured and nourished them as little babies, is now something that they wish they can get their hands, and mouth, on again.

Starting Young-12 Hilarious Caught Staring Pictures Ever

6.My Eyes Are Up Here

It seems this man is just dancing with a pair of breasts that happen to have a head and body attached to them. He is making love to them with his eyes, and that's all he appears to be interested in. The girl, she doesn't really seem to mind as long as he keeps buying her beers.

My Eyes Are Up Here-12 Hilarious Caught Staring Pictures Ever


Like buoys in the water, this woman's breasts seem to be floating all on their own, and this guy just can't keep his eyes off her. He even leans back to catch a better view, all unbeknownst to the woman, or maybe she knows and loves the attention. Either way, the man got way more than an eye full.

Buoys-12 Hilarious Caught Staring Pictures Ever

8.Say Cheese

This guy is supposed to be posing for a picture with this sexy young lady, but he is too mesmerized by her tatas to look at the camera. All he wants to look at is down her shirt, if you can call that a shirt. What do women expect though, when their breasts are hanging out like that?

Say Cheese-12 Hilarious Caught Staring Pictures Ever

9.Up The Skirt

This is a great photo of a team of boys with one common goal, looking up the skirt of the lovely lady standing on the chair. Two of them were in perfect position to get the most out of this opportunity, while the other boys could only stand and giggle at what was going on.

Up The Skirt-12 Hilarious Caught Staring Pictures Ever

10.President Obama

You would think that the president of the United States would be immune to the lure of the female form, but that doesn't appear to be true. President Obama is just as affected as any other normal red blooded male when he sees some great curves and he can't help but take a look.

President Obama-12 Hilarious Caught Staring Pictures Ever

11.Starlett Cleavage

Now Bruce Willis should no better. Experienced at being in front of the cameras, he should no that he could get caught ogling Halle Berry's chest. It seems that he really just doesn't care if the world knows that he just couldn't resist taking a peek, and he actually appears to be making a face for the camera.

Starlett Cleavage-12 Hilarious Caught Staring Pictures Ever

12.Cheerleader Butt

Sometimes men just can't help it. They see great curves on a beautiful woman and something happens. The blood seems to leave their brains, leaving their eyes to be magnetically pulled toward their object of affection. In this case, this guy's eyes are glued to a gorgeous pair of buns.

Cheerleader Butt-12 Hilarious Caught Staring Pictures Ever



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