12 Hilarious Apology Notes Ever

Saturday, Aug 14, 2021, 8:47 am
By:Tony Williams

Apologizing to someone is a difficult thing to do. One needs to have a lot of courage to admit a mistake. Despite feeling repentant, some people wouldn't dare to say a sorry to the other party fearing that their apology might be rejected. Some people prefer writing an apology letter instead, so they don't have to face the one to whom they need to ask for forgiveness. An apology letter is one of the many things that are hit by the smartphone culture. These days, people just send SORRY to their peers as a text or instant message. Let us tell you that an apology note increases your chances of receiving clemency. Just in case if you don't agree with us, read these 12 hilarious apology notes!
1.Hit And Run Apology

This guy is sorry, but not that sorry. He took the time to write a well thought-out apology for hitting someone else's car, but he refuses to leave his information to teach the person a lesson. The guy does get a huge kudos for attempting to fix the dent, but sadly his method only made things worse. Moral of the story - Take the bus if you don't know how to drive or park.

Hit And Run Apology-12 Hilarious Apology Notes Ever

2.Stupid Break-Up Apology

Looking at this person's handwriting, spelling and poor grammar, it is hard to believe that they are even be old enough to date. Some people would kill to find someone who tries to make them laugh. This person, however, is using this person's efforts as a reason to end things.

Stupid Break-Up Apology-12 Hilarious Apology Notes Ever

3.Break-up Apology and Manhood Slamming

This is the true definition of a backhanded apology. The letter is mean from beginning to end. She started out by calling her ex-boyfriend dumb because of who he voted for, though most would probably agree with her. Then she thrust the knife further into his heart by attacking his manhood. The note is pretty funny, but this poor guy's self-esteem has been massacred.

Break-up Apology and Manhood Slamming-12 Hilarious Apology Notes Ever

4.Answering Your Own Apology

Even if the person you harmed doesn't forgive you, you can always pretend they did. This clever little girl wrote an apology letter to her friend and took the liberty of filling in her friend's responses for her. Judging by what she wrote, it seems as though she is always forgiving the friend Now it's time for the friend to show her the same courtesy.

Answering Your Own Apology-12 Hilarious Apology Notes Ever

5.Bodily Harm Apology

Money doesn't always make the world go round. Not only did this guy apologize for harming another male, but he also offered up some cash to ease the pain he inflicted. Unfortunately, he only gave him a dollar, which might be enough to get a Band-Aid. We're almost certain that Zac meant to write 'punch' instead of 'pinch.'

Bodily Harm Apology-12 Hilarious Apology Notes Ever

6.Tooth Fairy Apology

Clean paper must be scarce in this kid's house. This kid's parents need to start giving her an allowance before all her teeth are gone. The poor kid is trying to get money from a fictitious entity. This kid needs some reading books and a tutor more than they need money.

Tooth Fairy Apology-12 Hilarious Apology Notes Ever

7.Sorry for Being Crappy

Not only did this person apologize for their crappy behavior, but they made a cake that looks crappy too. A note apologizing is the best way to go when you don't really know what you're doing. It was a nice gesture to make the cake, but it doesn't look very appetizing.

Sorry for Being Crappy-12 Hilarious Apology Notes Ever

8.Medicine Cabinet Apology

This note is perfect for those nosey friends and relatives who like to touch and peruse through everything in your home. Looking through the medicine cabinet seems to be the No.1 thing to do while you're in someone else's home. But a note like this will probably stop you from ever doing that again.

Medicine Cabinet Apology-12 Hilarious Apology Notes Ever

9.Apology from a Dog

Dogs can't apologize like humans do, so this dog's owner took matters into their own hands and wrote an apology note on the animal's behalf. The dog is supposedly old, and barely has any teeth, but the ones it does have were able to injury someone else. Something tells me that this owner is trying to avoid their dog being put down.

Apology from a Dog-12 Hilarious Apology Notes Ever

10.Roommate sex Apology

Some random girl had loud sex with her roommate nearby and after the loud ruckus was over, she wanted to apologize. She even took time to decorate her apology note with hearts. Instead of giving her roommate a cinnamon roll, she should have gifted her with some earplugs and some free therapy sessions.

Roommate sex Apology-12 Hilarious Apology Notes Ever

11.You're Rich Apology

There are times when being a well-off person can do more harm than good. A nameless person (who probably can't drive to save their life) hit the back of some well-off driver. The reckless driver opted not to leave their information because the person (or their car) appeared to be rich.

You're Rich Apology-12 Hilarious Apology Notes Ever

12.Stolen Bike and Freebie Apology

Some people take and never give back. This person stole something and decided to make things right afterwards. After graduating and getting intoxicated. This 'stand-up citizen' decided to steal someone else's bike instead of getting behind the wheel of a car. They then returned the bike when they were done and even gave the owner a Dominos coupon.

Stolen Bike and Freebie Apology-12 Hilarious Apology Notes Ever



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