12 Hilarious Apology Notes Ever

Saturday, Aug 14, 2021, 8:47 am
By:Tony Williams

Apologizing to someone is a difficult thing to do. One needs to have a lot of courage to admit a mistake. Despite feeling repentant, some people wouldn't dare to say a sorry to the other party fearing that their apology might be rejected. Some people prefer writing an apology letter instead, so they don't have to face the one to whom they need to ask for forgiveness. An apology letter is one of the many things that are hit by the smartphone culture. These days, people just send SORRY to their peers as a text or instant message. Let us tell you that an apology note increases your chances of receiving clemency. Just in case if you don't agree with us, read these 12 hilarious apology notes!

#11 Stupid Break-Up Apology

Looking at this person's handwriting, spelling and poor grammar, it is hard to believe that they are even be old enough to date. Some people would kill to find someone who tries to make them laugh. This person, however, is using this person's efforts as a reason to end things.

Stupid Break-Up Apology-12 Hilarious Apology Notes Ever