12 Hilarious Anti-Jokes That Will Make Your Day

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 7:08 am
By:James Fraser

Anti-jokes are a kind of sarcastic humor where a person begins their joke as if they are saying something very amusing, but ends up delivering an annoying and obvious fact. Such jokes don't sound funny at all for those who don't appreciate anti-humor. However, those who like anti-humor love these anti-jokes a lot. They find these dry jokes funnier than mainstream jests. Here, we have listed 12 such anti-jokes, and believe us; they are plain hilarious! Are you ready to read them? Go ahead, scroll down to start reading the jokes. 
10.How Many Jews?

How many Jews does it take to change a lightbulb? Two. One to change the bulb and the other to make sure the man on the ladder is safe! 
Here it is, the right answer for all those "change a lightbulb" jokes! By the way, you don't need two people to do that, but having one to spot the ladder helps! Remember this anti-joke, and next time when you hear a "change a lightbulb" joke, respond to that with this dry and forthright joke.

How Many Jews? -12 Hilarious Anti-Jokes That Will Make Your Day

11.Lord Said Unto John!

"And the Lord said unto John: 'Come forth, and you shall receive eternal life.' But John came fifth and won a toaster!"
That's a pretty hilarious anti-climax! This joke has to be the funniest of all jokes on this topic, isn't it? Religious people may find this jest annoying, but an average person is going to find the joke funny. What do you say?

Lord Said Unto John!-12 Hilarious Anti-Jokes That Will Make Your Day

12.This Funny Religious Anti-Joke

"Last Christmas, I gave you my heart. And the very next day, I died because no one can live without a heart."
Now, who's telling this joke?! Perhaps the person's ghost made this joke! Jokes aside, this one is an excellent anti-joke too. Hey, remember, every joke is an anti-joke if you know how to kill the humor part of it. Try it; you can make many such anti-jokes on your own!

This Funny Religious Anti-Joke-12 Hilarious Anti-Jokes That Will Make Your Day