Hilarious "win" Photos

Friday, May 29, 2020, 9:26 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Oh how true

Finally, a sign that spells it out for exactly what it is. If you wear shades in a nightclub you are not a winner, but instead you are losing so spectacularly it is barely worth trying to rescue you.

Oh how true-Hilarious "win" Photos

2.A winning answer

This kid should actually pass this exam just for that answer alone and there is no way that the person marking it could not have laughed at it unless they have a heart of stone. This is one clever kid and in all honesty they should go far.

A winning answer-Hilarious "win" Photos

3.The coolest picture ever

OK stop the Internet as there will never be a cooler picture than this to ever be posted online. This has to be the ultimate win image so close the door, turn off the lights as the Internet is now complete.

The coolest picture ever-Hilarious "win" Photos

4.A winning plate

There is absolutely no way that you can look at this plate and not see that the guy is indeed a winner. This is just an absolute stroke of genius for a plate and lets be honest we are all a little bit jealous that it is not us that own it.

A winning plate-Hilarious "win" Photos

5.Well this saves money

The guy on the right is exceptionally clever here because he allows his neighbor to do all of that hard work and spend all of that money then just says ditto and wins by a huge margin. This is called using your brain and we need to applaud him for it.

Well this saves money-Hilarious "win" Photos

6.A win for both

This does appear to be a mutual win situation, but perhaps the cyclist actually just has slightly more win than the cow. How lucky was he though to just stumble across a cow in this position?

A win for both-Hilarious "win" Photos

7.The dog wins again

We could all learn a thing or two from this dog because it really does know how to hog that bed. Imagine having to give it up and sleep on cushions just because your dog is sprawled out. What has happened to us?

The dog wins again-Hilarious "win" Photos

8.The dog wins

There is absolutely no doubt that the dog here does indeed win, but can you imagine what her reaction must have been after she saw the image? The fact that it is now all over the Internet can only have made things worse, but could they actually be any worse?

The dog wins-Hilarious "win" Photos

9.A good retort

You have to give this guy 10 out of 10 for his wonderful reply to her sign and you just know which one is going to have had the best reception. This must have just been a spur of the moment thing and to be honest she does not even look that bothered.

A good retort-Hilarious "win" Photos

10.Go on son!!!

With this picture you just know that girls are disgusted at him while guys are looking on in a mixture of pride in him as well as jealousy. Basically, he saw an opportunity and he went for it and can you really blame him for that?

Go on son!!!-Hilarious "win" Photos

11.Has he won?

Well you can kind of understand why they said that there is a 50% win here because both sides would indeed see him in a different light from each other. However, what a way to put across your opinion on a guy by putting up this sign.

Has he won?-Hilarious "win" Photos

12.Good dog

Well you have to say that this dog has indeed won and he has won in a big way. That bone is just far too big for him and you wonder how he has picked it up and good luck to getting it back off him again.

Good dog-Hilarious "win" Photos



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