12 Funny Okay Memes That Will Make You Feel Okay About Your Life

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 12:24 pm
By:James Fraser

Hey, do you remember those good old meme/rage faces? We still have them, but they aren't heavily used lately to make memes. Those facial illustrations express different types of moods and feelings. The Okay meme is one of them, and it is a facial caricature of a man who appears to keep his head down, giving us an impression that he is sad. Come, let's check 12 funny Okay memes that are sure to take you back in time and make you relive those moments when we used to waste hours just to check memes!
4.The Star Is Already Dead!

It is precisely the reason why we can never hear from aliens, at least for the next few hundreds of years. All those stars and planets NASA is probing are hundreds and thousands of light years away, which means we aren't truly seeing them live. We are just looking at their past. To help you understand this easily, let's take Sun as an example. Sunlight takes approximately eight minutes to reach Earth. Now, this means if Sun blew up right now, we would know that only after eight minutes! Similarly, when we see a star that's some 1000 light years away, we only see how that star used to look like 1000 years ago! 

The Star Is Already Dead!-12 Funny Okay Memes That Will Make You Feel Okay About Your Life

5.No Drugs Or Nuclear Weapons Allowed Inside

Those who are frequenters to Hard Rock Café don't need a special introduction about this sign! Apart from HRC, a lot of restaurants and bars use the same or similar signs to tell people that they don't allow drugs inside, in a humorous and less offending way. Business establishments know that many of their customers are plain stupid! They still need to be extra friendly to their patrons because good hospitality drives more business in the food and drink industry. Signs like these are just a trick to tell people to behave well without sounding rude.

No Drugs Or Nuclear Weapons Allowed Inside-12 Funny Okay Memes That Will Make You Feel Okay About Your Life

6.When A Chimp Lives A Better Life Than Most Guys!

It isn't a fake photo, and that's a real primate in action! That chimp seems to be enjoying its time out there on the beach with hot chicks around! The picture might have taken at one of those Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, etc. where it's prevalent for protected and trained animals to interact with humans. But we aren't sure if that's the case here because a lot of those animals tend to stay inside high-security enclosures.

When A Chimp Lives A Better Life Than Most Guys!-12 Funny Okay Memes That Will Make You Feel Okay About Your Life