12 Funny Monday Memes That Will Brighten Your Monday

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 12:48 pm
By:James Fraser

Monday is when you get back to work after a happy weekend. Monday is when you need to be responsible and act like an adult again. Millions of people around the world hate Mondays because for the reasons mentioned above. The story is different for entrepreneurs and businesspersons, though. For them, every day is a Monday! Now take a look at these 12 hilarious Monday memes that sum up how badly people hate the first day of the week!
4.Monday Morning Smiles

Sadly, that's exactly how most employees greet their coworkers on Monday. We agree Mondays are horrible, but here are few tips to beat the Monday woes like a boss! Wake up early on a Monday morning, and that changes your perspective on the day. Be productive even before you reach your office by cleaning your house, preparing breakfast, etc. Waking up minutes before going to work makes a Monday even more horrible.

Monday Morning Smiles-12 Funny Monday Memes That Will Brighten Your Monday

5.If Monday Were A Person

We are exactly talking about this on the previous post! Monday genuinely sucks, but that doesn't mean you should sleep through the day as long as you can to face it. The three things you need to do on a Monday morning is waking up early and watching the sunrise, taking a hot shower, and preparing yummy and nutritious breakfast yourself. Try this next week and see if you can beat the sickening Monday blues! 

If Monday Were A Person-12 Funny Monday Memes That Will Brighten Your Monday

6.Mondays Be Like

Mondays don't chase you like a dinosaur, but responsibilities do. Most people drastically lower their productivity on a Friday afternoon thinking they can easily cover that up on Monday. That's not a good idea because it is only going to make Monday more miserable! Ideally, you should be completing your work in advance, so you can thoroughly enjoy Friday night parties without needing to worry about work related things. This way you don't need to handle the remaining work on Monday morning.

Mondays Be Like-12 Funny Monday Memes That Will Brighten Your Monday